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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/14/11 - 2/18/11

Chloe truly is the worst mother in Salem.  She saw how Maggie's kitchen was smoky, but she left Parker in the room with the smoke.  She knew he was inhaling smoke while she was gone, but she still left him in the kitchen.

It could be us, but we don't see the sparks that are supposed to be between EJ and Taylor.  The writers are going to have to work overtime to convince us that they love each other.  Having EJ and Taylor bug their eyes at each other is not enough to convince us that they love each other.

It was such a treat to see Bo and Hope reunite this week.  We do wish that their story didn't happen off screen.  It would have been nice to see them falling in love with each other again.  We know that would have interfered with showing EJ and Sami, but it wouldn't have hurt to show Bo and Hope's story.

If Hope was so convinced that Zack's death was the root of all their problems, then why did she and Bo renew their vows?  They worked out their problems the last time they broke up over Zack so hopefully they can work it out this time.

If "Rafe" keeps snapping at Sami and her kids the way he does, Sami is bound to get suspicious.  He's not supposed to make her suspicious so fast so he shouldn't snap so much.

We were surprised that Caroline was being so civil towards Kayla considering she was so angry at her the last time they were shown.  Guess they managed to make up off screen.

EJ and Taylor had another chance to tell each other who they are, but they didn't do it.  Are the writers copying off of the movie "On The Line"?  It's taking EJ and Taylor a long time to tell each other who they are.

Speaking of Taylor, are we really supposed to believe that she has never seen EJ before?  She was staying with Abe and Lexie so it's hard to believe that they don't have any pictures of EJ.  He is Lexie's brother so they probably have a picture of him.  Also, Taylor has seen pictures of Sydney so it's hard to believe that EJ wasn't in any of the pictures.

Why didn't Rafe go to the police first instead of going to the apartment?  He could have told the police what EJ and Stefano did to him.  He also would have had help when he confronted the fake Rafe.  It wouldn't have been hard for EJ to figure out where he went when he escaped.

What are the writers trying to do with Brady?  We find it hard to believe that he is a worthy adversary for Victor. He managed to get the company and the mansion from Victor.  Brady is changing in a way that we are not sure that we like.  He will eventually be backed into a corner when Victor gets everything back from him.

Why did Jennifer try to hook Carly up with Daniel so fast?  Carly just broke up with Bo and Daniel just broke up with Chloe so they shouldn't be ready to move on so fast.  Is Jennifer trying to forget about Jack by playing matchmaker for them?

Wasn't that convenient how "Rafe" got spared again?  Sami's neighbor saw Rafe get dragged off, but "Rafe" got out of it.  The security camera conveniently didn't work so Gladys couldn't prove what she saw.

Where was Hope?  Why didn't Hope see Jennifer at the hospital?  Hope said she was so worried about her, but she didn't visit her at all.  Maybe she wasn't as worried about Jennifer as she claimed.

Page updated 5/18/12

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