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2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/7/11 - 2/11/11

The writers gave us a few tender moments between Bo and Hope on Monday.  Bo was upset that Hope wasn't set free like him.  It was sweet to watch him get upset over Hope's situation.  Bo also told her that he and Carly were over because his heart belongs to one woman.  We know the woman is Hope.  He had one more surprise for Hope.  He reunited her with Ciara.  That was so sweet of Bo to do that for Hope.

Jennifer truly is a Horton because she doesn't have any loyalty to her family.  Carly told her that she and Bo broke up because he loves Hope.  What do you think Jennifer did?  She kept giving Carly pep talks to make her feel better about her decision to end things with Bo.  We know that Carly is her friend, but Hope is her family.  Jennifer should be happy that Bo is free to be back with Hope instead of trying to make Carly feel better about what happened.

Kudos to the writers for remembering that Stefano had diabetes.  Stefano offered Rafe some of Sydney and Johnny's cake.  Rafe didn't want it so Stefano tried it to prove it wasn't poisoned.  Rafe reminded him that he's a diabetic.  It was strange that the person Stefano kidnapped was the one who cared that he is a diabetic.  We weren't sure the writers remembered that he had diabetes.

How many men has Sami had that she couldn't tell that "Rafe" didn't kiss the way he did before the accident.  If she lived in a different town, then it would make sense that she wasn't more suspicious of "Rafe's" actions.  She lives in a town where identity switches happen as often as her weddings so she should be suspicious.

Nicole is obviously over Brady.  She had no problem having sex with EJ this week.  She must not miss him the way she claimed since she jumped in the bed with EJ so fast.

We can already see where the writers are going with Chloe, Parker, and Melanie.  We're supposed to believe that Melanie is a great mother and Chloe is a bad one.  Melanie has never even taken care of a plant so how does everyone know that she will be a better mother for Parker than Chloe.  We know the writers want us to believe that Melanie is the greatest woman that ever graced Salem, but she may be a worse mother than Chloe.

We were ready to applaud when Chloe reminded Melanie about the way she used to be.  We didn't forget how Melanie used to be either.  We know the writers go out of their way to make us forget that she wasn't always a saint.  It was good that Chloe reminded her how she used to be.

It was good to see Carrie again.  Sami called her to tell her about "Rafe".  We're not sure if it would be good to see her all of the time, but it was good to see her briefly.

Sami had a lot of nerve judging Nicole because she and Taylor don't have a good relationship.  Did she forget about all of the things that she did to Carrie?  She did far worse to Carrie than Nicole ever did to Taylor.  Sami also kidnapped Belle so that is one more thing she did to one of her sisters.  Sami shouldn't judge Nicole for not wanting to have anything to do with Taylor.

The week ended on a pretty good note.  Bo went to bat for Hope again.  He went to Victor to help Hope get pardoned.  Bo swallowed his pride and went to Victor for help.  Unfortunately, Victor gave him a hard time and then turned him down.  Bo really wanted to helped her.  Luckily Hope was sentenced to time served.  Bo told Hope that he loves her and wanted to take her home.  Hearing Bo tell Hope that he loves her was a great way to end the week.

Chloe is going to make Kate's plan to take Parker from her really easy.  She made cookies for Parker (he's not even old enough to eat them) and received a call.  The pharmacist let her know that her prescription was ready.  For some reason, she left the oven on and walked out the door.  If that weren't enough, she left Parker alone in the kitchen while the cookies were in the oven.  It's a good thing she ran into Victor because she forgot about him.  She won't rest until Kate takes Parker from her.

Page updated 5/18/12

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