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2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/24/11 - 1/28/11

Kate shouldn't rock the boat with Philip.  She expects Philip to take Parker away from Chloe.  It's too bad that Alice never got the chance to suggest that Bill (Lucas' father) take Lucas away from her.  She should stay out of Philip and Chloe's business.

We didn't feel sorry for Carly when she was singing the blues about leaving Salem.  We are all for her leaving town if that means that she will be away from Bo.  We don't care if she stays in Salem if she is not with Bo.

It was good to see Hope and Jennifer working together again.  We hadn't realized how long it had been since they worked together.  Maybe Bo and Hope's story will start picking up again and we will get a chance to see them working together again.

Melanie should have been happy that Nathan was willing to be with her even though she is pregnant with Philip's baby.  She rejected Nathan because she wanted to focus on her baby.  She knows that she loves Nathan and there was nothing stopping her from being with him, but she rejected him anyway.  She would deserve it if Nathan gave up on her and she ended up alone.

It can't be stressed enough that Victor is wasting his time with Maggie.  She jumped off of his couch as if it were on fire when she thought that he wanted to do more than have dinner with her.  Did she forget that she practically offered herself to Victor in order for Vivian to get off the island?  He needs to move on to someone else.

Speaking of Maggie, we loved it when Vivian made a catty remark to her.  Maggie goes out of her way to defend Vivian despite what she's done to her.  Maggie deserved it when Vivian got smart with her.  Maybe Maggie will stop trying to apply for sainthood and stop defending Vivian so much.

Sami never knows when to quit.  She had her chance to have a custody agreement with EJ, but it wasn't enough for her.  She didn't like how Nicole was going to be in her kids' lives.  Did she forget what Nicole did for her?  If it weren't for Nicole, EJ and Sami wouldn't have known about Johnny's cancer.  Sami is making it so easy for EJ to pull off his plan to get her and Rafe.

Chloe will only have herself to blame if Philip takes Parker from her.  She suddenly wants to have time for herself and she wanted to get a drink.  She also forgot about Parker for over an hour.  Maybe Philip should consider taking Parker from her since she cares more about having time to herself than she does about her son.

Chloe really is pathetic.  She was willing to use Parker to get Daniel to go back to her.  What is wrong with her?  She lied and said Parker was sick just so Daniel would feel sorry for her.  She got what she deserved when Daniel didn't fall for her trick.

We really have to shake our heads at Sami.  She knows that Nicole is going to be around Johnny and Sydney so what difference did it make if her name was in the custody agreement?  Sami loves to cause drama even when there is no need for it.

Speaking of Sami, she is the cause of Rafe's accident.  If she didn't have to run off, then Rafe wouldn't have gone after her.  He wouldn't have been in his car accident if she stayed at the apartment and talked to him.  She made Stefano and EJ's plan so easy.  If we didn't know any better, we would think that she was working with them to get Rafe.

It's a shame that the writers keep putting Justin and Adrienne on the backburner.  We caught a glimpse of them this week and it was a nice change.  The powers-that-be went to all of the trouble to bring Justin and Adrienne back to the show only to have them appear sporadically.  We hope that they get more airtime now that some of the cast is leaving the show.

Sami is always willing to be a better person when someone she loves gets hurt.  She never wants to be a better person when no one is hurt.  Now that Rafe is hurt, she wants to do the right thing.  It's too bad she only waits for someone to be hurt to want to do the right thing.

Maggie has no loyalty to anyone.  She acts as if Melanie is the greatest thing since remote control TV, but she invited Chloe to stay in her house.  Why would Maggie do that?  She shouldn't have let Chloe stay in her house after what she's done.

Jennifer only had herself to blame when Lee caught her in the infirmary.  She had the chance to leave when Carly left, but she had to call Hope in the infirmary.  She could have called Hope after she was out of the prison.  Lee wouldn't have caught her if she made the call outside.  Jennifer was on a cell phone so she could have made the call anywhere.

Page updated 5/18/12

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