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2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/17/11 - 1/21/11

Chloe got what she deserved when Carly told her that they aren't friends.  Nicole tried to warn her that Carly wasn't her friend, but she wouldn't listen to her.  Now Carly doesn't want anything to do with her and she deserves it.

Speaking of Chloe, she wanted Philip to forget about Parker.  Making Philip walk away from his child will not guarantee that Daniel will come back to her.  She should be thankful that Philip does want to be in Parker's life.

Melanie is just as bad as Chloe.  She didn't want to tell Philip that she is pregnant with his baby.  She had no right to make that decision since Philip has rights too.  She knows what Daniel went through when Carly kept Melanie from him so why would she do the same thing to Philip?  If Philip didn't confront her, she probably wouldn't have said anything to him about the baby.

We were completely surprised to see EJ and Sami thank Nicole for her help with Johnny.  It must have hurt them to have to thank her considering how much they despise her.

Maggie thinks a lot of herself.  She offered herself in exchange for Victor freeing Vivian.  She agreed to go out with him if he helped Vivian.  We didn't realize that Maggie is a prize to be won, but she's not.  Victor is better off being with Kate or even Vivian instead of Maggie.

We don't understand why EJ wants to take care of Rafe.  Rafe was the one who told him about Sydney being his daughter with Sami.  Rafe was also the reason why EJ and Sami found out that Johnny had cancer in the first place.  EJ should be thanking Rafe and not taking him out of the equation.  Right, EJ is jealous that Sami chose Rafe and not him.

We hope that Sami is not going to fall for EJ's lies.  She seems like she is starting to fall for everything EJ tells her.  You would think that Sami would know better than to believe everything that EJ tells her.  It will be so easy for EJ to worm his way back into Sami's life.

We cheered Philip on when he reminded Carly how she killed her husband and how she helped break up Bo and Hope's marriage.  Carly deserved that because she judged Philip for cheating on Melanie as if she is without sin.  Carly has done enough bad things that she could forgive one mistake that Philip made against Melanie.

Brady did the right thing by throwing Nicole out of the mansion.  We were hoping that he would reject her.  She wouldn't have asked Brady to take her back if she didn't think EJ was going to keep her away from Sydney.

Stephanie had a lot of nerve expecting Chloe not to confront Caroline about switching the paternity results.  Chloe had a right to know why Caroline did something like that.  It's too bad that Chloe didn't beat Stephanie down when she wouldn't let her see Caroline at first.

We were really surprised that Philip didn't want Caroline to go to jail.  Could it be because she is his brother's mother?  Maybe he is really changing since he didn't want Chloe to send Caroline to jail.

Page updated 5/18/12

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