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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/27/10 - 12/31/10

It could be us, but the tree trimming at the Horton house didn't have the same meaning.  It used to be a big deal to watch the Hortons trim the tree, but it wasn't the same.  There were only a few Hortons there (Julie, Jennifer, Ciara, Doug, and Maggie) to trim the tree.  It would have been better if some of the Hortons came back for Christmas.

Speaking of missing Hortons, why didn't Sami take Will and Allie to Alice's house for Christmas.  They are Hortons too and they should have been there.  They could have hung up their ornaments as well as Lucas' ornament.  Abe and Lexie went to the Horton house and they aren't Hortons.  Will and Allie should have been there too.  It would have looked like more people were at the house.

It was good to see Kayla back in Salem.  Kayla's return caused Caroline to get really nervous.  We enjoyed watching Caroline squirm while Kayla was talking about how she and Stephanie confessed to switching Parker's paternity results.  We know that Caroline and Stephanie didn't tell the truth so the backlash will be explosive.

Sami really is her own worst enemy.  She got into an argument and a fight with Nicole at the hospital.  She made a big mistake.  Her fighting with Nicole was all the ammo that EJ needed to guarantee that she will never see her kids again.  It's obvious that Sami loves to make things difficult for herself or she would think before she acts.

What has happened to Caroline?  She had the gall to get mad at Kayla because she wanted to do the right thing and tell Daniel and Chloe the truth about Parker.  Caroline felt that Daniel deserved the baby and Philip didn't.  Caroline had no right to make that decision.  We're sure she doesn't agree that EJ should keep Sami from her kids, but it's okay for Philip to be away from his son.

Nathan needs to get off of his high horse.  He told Stephanie that he didn't think Chloe would make a good mother because of her issues.  What right does he have to make moral judgments like that?  We are not Chloe's biggest fans, but he shouldn't judge her as if he isn't keeping a secret from Stephanie.

We want to praise the writers for ending Wednesday's episode with a cliffhanger.  Kayla screamed to Caroline that Daniel is not the father of Chloe's baby.  All of the people at the christening (Daniel, Chloe, Victor, Carly, Melanie, and Philip) heard Kayla say that at the church.  The episode ended right after the bombshell.  It was  great to get an unexpected cliffhanger in the middle of the week.  We love endings like that especially since they usually happen on Fridays.  Hopefully the writers will continue to do surprise cliffhangers like that.

We were so glad that the truth about Parker's paternity was revealed.  The looks on Daniel and Melanie's face were priceless.  Daniel had this coming because he didn't get his comeuppance for hurting Lucas.  He has an idea of what he put Lucas through not too long ago.  Melanie is finally getting punished for what she did to Nick and for marrying someone under false pretenses.  We hope the writers don't expect us to feel sorry for either of them because that won't happen.

Caroline had a selective stroke just as she was ripping into Philip.  She had no signs of this stroke before the truth came out.  There are usually warning signs just before a stroke happens, but she didn't have any signs.  This is probably God's way of punishing her for what she did to Chloe and Philip.

We are glad that Vivian showed EJ the proof that Nicole and Brady were together.  Brady was so sure he had the upper hand with Vivian, but he was fooled.  She went to EJ and gave him the proof anyway.  

Are we heartless because we don't feel sorry for Daniel and Melanie?  We are glad that Philip and Chloe's affair was revealed, but we don't feel sorry for Daniel and Melanie the way we are supposed to feel.  They are hypocrites and they got what they deserved.  We sat and watched them rip into Chloe and Philip, but we didn't feel any sympathy.  In fact, we felt more sympathy for Philip than we did for Melanie.  Chloe got what she deserved because she hurt Lucas the same way, but Philip didn't deserve all of the blame he received.  Melanie wasn't innocent because she loves Nathan.  Daniel wasn't innocent either despite the way he was acting.

We were cheering Philip on when he reminded Melanie how Daniel hurt Lucas.  It was about time that someone mentioned how Daniel was the reason why Lucas broke up with Chloe.  We think about that a lot so it's good that someone finally realized it too.

Page updated 5/30/12

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