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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/20/10 - 12/24/10

We hope that things are looking up for Bo and Hope.  Bo wanted to leave town so he could help Hope.  Bo is willing to risk everything to help Hope.  We hope that this will be the start of the much anticipated reunion for them.

Did Nicole drink too much that it got to her head?  She was stupid enough to invite Brady for a roll in the sack at the DiMera mansion.  She used to live there so she should know that there are cameras in the mansion.  On top of that, anyone could have walked in on the two of them while they were at the DiMera mansion.  That was really stupid of her to meet Brady there.

Sami should learn how to talk to people.  EJ was actually trying to be civil to her for Johnny's sake, but she kept getting nasty with him.  Did she forget that EJ has all of the cards in his hands?  He could have blackmailed her and forced her to leave the hospital if he wanted to be cruel.  She should have been thankful that he was willing to do that for her.  EJ actually proved that he doesn't always have to be a monster.

Hope played a stupid game with Lee and she lost.  Lee wanted Hope to stuff fruit in stockings.  For some reason, Hope decided to push her luck with Lee and dumped the fruit on Lee.  Lee beat her with the fruit.  Hope was in a locked cell so what did she think she was going to do after she dumped the fruit?  She couldn't get out of the cell so she pulled that stunt for nothing.

We were so glad that Vivian caught Brady and Nicole together.  They were so careless about having sex in the living room at the DiMera mansion.  They were so sure they weren't going to get caught, but they were wrong.

It was so sad to see EJ and Sami have to break the news to Johnny that he had to get his eye removed.  We feel so sorry for Johnny knowing that he has to go through such an ordeal like that.  It is going to be worse for him since EJ and Sami keep fighting.

Speaking of EJ and Sami, we wouldn't be surprised if he did decide to keep Sami from Johnny.  EJ was actually being decent to Sami and Rafe by letting them see Johnny at the hospital.  For some reason, that was not worth remembering.  As you know, we can't stand EJ, but we admit that he has been understanding by letting Sami be at the hospital.  Sami and Rafe kept giving EJ a hard time at the hospital.  EJ didn't have to let them stay.  He could have blackmailed Sami and made her stay away, but he didn't do it.

We are so sick of Maggie whining to Victor about what he did to Vivian.  She has told him one hundred times that she can't get over it.  Is she going for a record with her attitude about what Victor did?  We wish Maggie could hear us screaming at her that he did it for her and not to her.

It was great to watch Bo sneak into the prison to get Hope out of there.  Bo disguised himself as a guard to get Hope out of prison. Bo always manages to come through for Hope when she needs him.

We're sure Victor will regret going along with Brady's plan to keep Vivian locked in the sarcophagus.  Vivian managed to steal Titan and the mansion from him.  Victor shouldn't have helped Brady especially since Maggie wasn't grateful for what he was willing to do for her.

It didn't take long for EJ to go back to his old self.  He made Sami leave Johnny's hospital room once Johnny woke up.  She should have known that was going to happen since she kept getting smart with him.  He stuck to his guns and made her leave.

Was anyone else ready to slap Melanie when she got in Vivian's face and tried to tell her off?  We hope that Vivian will find a way to get her too.  We know that she wasn't involved in what happened to Vivian, but she still tried to tell her off as if she had a reason.  Melanie can still hold a grudge against Vivian because she tried to kill her, than Vivian is right to go after Victor and company too.

We don't understand Maggie.  She is upset with Victor for not saying anything about Vivian being in the coffin, but she can talk to Brady.  Brady was the one who put Vivian in the sarcophagus so Maggie should be just as mad at him as she is with Victor.

Isn't it something how Carly is worried about Bo now that she is finally out of Chloe's business?  She didn't care what he was doing when she was worried about Chloe cheating on Daniel.  Now that Bo is with Hope, she is worried that she is going to lose him.  She should have thought about Bo when she was in Chloe and Daniel's business.

Stefano proved that he isn't a monster like EJ.  Once he found out that Johnny was sick, he showed up at the hospital.  He also blamed himself for what happened to Johnny.  He also wished he were the one going through what Johnny is going through.  EJ continues to blame Sami for everything and he refuses to take responsibility.  Stefano had nothing to do with EJ and Sami's drama, but he still took some responsibility.  We would be so shocked if EJ ever did that.

Page updated 5/30/12

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