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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/13/10 - 12/17/10

Johnny is quickly becoming one of our favorite characters on the show.  he gave EJ a hard time again this week.  We love how Johnny keeps getting smart with EJ.  EJ is suffering for his selfishness and he deserves it.  We don't condone kids getting smart with their parents, but we will make an exception in Johnny and EJ's situation.

Speaking of EJ, he had the gall to expect Sami to tell Johnny that she didn't love him anymore so Johnny would stop giving him a hard time.  He had to be out of his mind to ask such a horrible thing like that.  EJ is only worried that Johnny hates him.  He doesn't care that Johnny will hate Sami.  EJ is quickly becoming the most despicable character on the show.

Philip and Chloe fans got a small treat this week.  They reminisced about the time they spent together when they were in high school.  We enjoy seeing the few moments we can get between Philip and Chloe.  We firmly believe that the writers are making a mistake by keeping them with Melanie and Daniel respectively.  Philip and Chloe are the ones that should be together.

This is a great time to mention the retcon (rewritten history) that happened with Philip.  As most of us know, when Jay Kenneth Johnson reprised his role, Philip had a face transplant.  This was supposed to explain why his looks changed.  We knew that was a mistake because they couldn't use the flashbacks of Philip anymore.  Fast forward a couple of years and that's what happened.  The writers used a flashback of Philip and Chloe from high school.  The writers shouldn't have said that Philip had a face transplant since they have forgotten about it.  We shouldn't be too surprised since the writers forgot about his lost leg too.

Thumbs up to the writers for remembering that Lexie used to mess up too.  Sami reminded Abe about the things Lexie did (stole Bo and Hope's son and cheating with Brandon) that he ignored.  Abe wanted Sami to be arrested for shooting EJ.  She didn't like Abe's attitude about it and called him out for it.  They were both right.  Sami is guilty and should go to jail.  Abe also turned his head to the things Lexie did.

We find it really hard to believe that Sami and EJ haven't looked into Johnny's eyes.  Rafe, Will, and Gabi noticed Johnny's eye just by looking at a picture, but they didn't notice anything wrong and they were looking at him.  They obviously don't take the time to take the kids to the doctor.  Maybe the doctor would have noticed what was happening to Johnny sooner than Rafe, Will, and Gabi did.

Daniel wants to kill Philip for cheating on Melanie.  He really has a lot of nerve feeling that way.  He had no problem betraying Lucas, but he wants to kill Philip for doing the same thing.  Kate was public enemy number one when she wanted to kill Chloe for hurting Lucas, but we're supposed to cheer Daniel on for wanting to kill Philip.  He is such a hypocrite, but he is not the only one.  Hypocrisy must run in the Jonas family.

Melanie is also a hypocrite.  She expected Nathan to continue to pine after her even though she is married.  She kept telling Nathan that he loves her and shouldn't marry Stephanie.  Does she plan on leaving Philip to be with Nathan?  If she's not going to get a divorce, she needs to let him be happy.  We know she wants him to agonize over the fact that she is married and wants to start a family, but he has a right to be happy too.

Chloe was let off the hook for her affair with Philip once again.  Philip is taking the heat for everything now that Daniel knows half of the truth.  Daniel beat Philip up because he cheated on his precious Melanie.  Chloe didn't care that Philip was attacked.  She was only worried that she would be caught.  She practically begged Daniel to keep quiet about Philip's affair.  We're sure it's because she thinks that Melanie will put two and two together and realize she is the one that was with Philip.  She would deserve it if Philip sold her out so he wouldn't have to go down alone.

It was heartbreaking to see Bo give Ciara her Christmas present early.  She is having a tough time without Hope being home.  It was also heartbreaking to watch Bo have to tell her that he's leaving for a while.  We enjoy seeing moving scenes like that.  It's too bad that we don't get to see them in scenes together more often.

Sami never should have mentioned the code to Johnny at the hospital.  EJ wouldn't have heard her talking about it if she didn't say anything about it.

Page updated 5/30/12

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