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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/6/10 - 12/10/10

The week was off to a pretty good start since we got a break from EJ, Sami, and Nicole.  The writers actually remembered that there are other characters on the show besides them.  We actually got a chance a chance to see Bo and Hope's story.  It was actually one of the main stories on Monday.  We know it won't happen long, but it was a nice break from EJ/Sami/Nicole.

Could something be brewing among Stefano/Kate/Victor?  We know the writers are pushing for Victor and Maggie to be together, but it was good to see Victor and Kate working together.  We would like to see them work together more often.  you see what could happen when the writers remember that there are other people on the show besides EJ/Sami/Nicole?

Hope should have stopped investigating the deaths at the prison.  She ended p getting transferred to another prison.  She should have known that Jane wasn't going to make it easy for her to mess up whatever she and Lee have going on at the prison.  Jane will continue to punish Hope for butting in her business.

Maggie is so ungrateful.  She is upset that Brady and Victor kept Vivian in the coffin.  She should have been thankful that they turned the tables on Vivian before she got in the coffin.  Maybe Maggie is upset because she still ended up in the coffin anyway.  Maybe she thought they didn't do a good enough job keeping her out of the coffin and she's taking it out on them.

Vivian finally started a little movement in her latest scheme.  She overheard Victor and Kate talking and she immediately ran to Stefano to tell him that Kate is confiding in Victor about something.  We know it's not much, but we are thankful that this revenge train has finally started moving.  We were getting sick of just hearing her talk about her plan and not doing anything about it.

Kate is getting what she serves now that she has to beg Stefano for forgiveness.  She never should have helped Sami in the first place.  Sami hasn't proven that she was worthy of getting that help and now she has to pay for it.  We are sure that she regrets helping Sami since she didn't apologize for telling EJ that she tipped her off about what he was going to do.

EJ is really cruel.  He refused to let Johnny and Sydney stay with Caroline when she wanted them to stay with her.  We know that he is jealous of Sami and Rafe being together, but he doesn't have to take his anger out on her family.  They were not the ones who shot him so he shouldn't punish them for Sami's mistake.

Isn't it convenient how Brady is suddenly so caring to Nicole now that EJ wants her to stay away from him?  Before EJ made his demand on Nicole, Bray admitted that he was only using her.  When did Brady's feelings for Nicole change?  He will probably end up proposing to Nicole just as she is ready to choose Sydney.

We really don't like how the writers continue to make Caroline the bad guy in her story with Stephanie.  Stephanie was the one who wanted to have Parker's paternity test results switched, but now she is the one who wants tot ell the truth.  Are we supposed to forget that Stephanie set everything in motion in the first place?  Making Caroline the bad guy and having Stephanie grow the conscience will not erase what we know about Stephanie?  Nice try writers, but it is not working.

We are not buying that Nicole feels bad for Sami and her kids.  It is her fault (as well as Sami's) that she doesn't have Johnny and Sydney so it's too late to feel sorry for them.  If Nicole cared that much, she wouldn't have given EJ the proof that Sami shot him.  Now EJ has placed her in a position where she can lose someone (Brady) so she should have thought twice about running to EJ with the proof in the first place.

We couldn't believe it, but we were actually cheering Kate on this week.  She told Stefano how he kept things from her.  She was right about that.  Stefano wasn't right to keep what he wanted to keep secret, but expected full disclosure from her.  They were both wrong, but he was only worried about what she did wrong.  you can't always have it your way, Stefano.  You can't keep secrets, but expect honesty from everyone else.

What is going on with Nicole?  Is she drinking things with truth serum in them lately?  She has actually started telling Brady the truth.  She told Brady about EJ's ultimatum (she has to break up with Brady to see Sydney).  We weren't sure if she would have told him about it, but she did.  Brady wants to help her pull a fast one on EJ.  She should start telling Brady the truth more often and maybe he could help her.

Bo really is Hope's knight in shining armor.  He helped her again when she was in trouble.  Bo talked tot he governor to make sure nothing else happened to her.  Luckily Bo did that since Hope was going to be transferred to another prison with an inmate who wanted to kill her.

Sami never learns.  She snuck over tot he mansion to see Johnny.  We are glad that she did get a chance to tell Johnny that she loves him, but that was too risky.  EJ could have showed up at any time and saw her there.

Hope managed to outsmart Jane.  Jane wanted Hope to write a letter to Bo to keep him from visiting her.  Hope put some clues in the note.  That's great that Hope was able to fool her like that.  It was also a reminder of Bo and Hope's connection since Bo was suspicious of Hope's note.

EJ got exactly what he deserved this week.  Johnny wanted to see Sami, but EJ said no.  Johnny told him that he hated him.  We loved that.  He never should have kept Johnny and Sydney from Sami.

Page updated 5/30/12

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