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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/29/10 - 12/3/10

Nicole told Brady that she's the reason EJ has his kids.  She was very good not to tell him that she offered Sami a deal too.  She made it seem as if she didn't have a choice, but to give the proof to EJ.  The girl wouldn't know the truth if it hit her in the face.

We would hate to be Kate right now.  She is really in for it now that EJ knows that she tipped off Sami the night he was shot.  It doesn't always pay to help people.  Kate found that out the hard way.  Sami was really ungrateful about Kate tipping her off.  Since she lost two kids, she didn't sympathize with Kate.  We know Kate wishes she never called her now.

Carly injected herself with the virus so she could be the guinea pig for the cure that Daniel found.  She went overboard trying to be the martyr.  She knew Daniel wanted to try the drug, but she had to look like the good one.  We think it was just her way of getting back in Melanie's good graces.

EJ is a monster.  He refused to let Sami's kids see each other.  He wouldn't even let Sami spend a minute with them.  We get that he's mad at Sami, but why take it out on the kids?  What did Allie do to him?  If he wanted to keep Will away, he could have at least let Allie see them.

The writers need to focus on Bo and Hope's story more than they do.  The story could be much better if it's shown more than once a week.  Why did the writers bother starting the story if they don't want to follow up on it?

Brady must not have been too upset with Nicole helping EJ get Sami's kids or else he wouldn't have slept with her.  What good did it do to disapprove of her actions if he's going to hop in bed with her?  He may as well give her his seal of approval.

When did Kate develop feelings for Stefano?  We didn't realize she suddenly cared for him.  Guess she developed these feelings now that he knows what she did to help Sami.  

Thumbs up to the writers for remembering Kate's past.  She told Stefano that she knew what it was like to have her two children taken away from her.  That was the perfect time to mention what Curtis did to her.

Victor needs to realize that he can't do anything to please Maggie.  When she found out what he and everyone else did to Vivian, she said she never wanted to see him again.  She knows he kept Vivian in the coffin to protect her, but that wasn't enough.  All she's doing is making it easy for Vivian to come between them.

We don't get Chad.  He was so nasty with Stefano when Stefan wanted him to move in with him.  You would think he would be thankful that Stefano didn't turn his back on him the way Charles did.  At least Stefano wanted to be there for him.

Page updated 5/30/12

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