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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/22/10 - 11/26/10

Vivian made it so easy for Victor to suspect that she wasn't in the coffin.  She should have kept asking him to let her out instead of changing all together.  She practically begged him to let her out before, but now she wanted him to let her stay and she threatened to go to the police.  Anybody would have been suspicious of her actions.

Nicole must have thought that EJ would have been stupid enough to hand Sydney over to her without questioning her about going to Sami before him.  He was going to wonder why she didn't approach him with the deal.

If Sami was so tired of lying and covering things up about shooting EJ, why doesn't she confess?  She wouldn't have to worry about the guilt she feels about everything.  She must not feel as bad as she says.  She's just saying that for the record just so Rafe could tell her that everything will be okay.  If she's tired, how does she think Rafe feels when he's doing all of the work?

Doug and Julie went to see Hope in prison.  They came back from a cruise and wanted to see her.  They were so insensitive to brag about being on a cruise when Hope is stuck in prison.

Rafe and Sami got married this week.  If Sami had her way, they wouldn't have gotten married.  She still during the ceremony just to talk about how happy she was that Rafe went to all of the trouble to plan the wedding.  That speech could have waited until after wedding.  She knows her luck at weddings so she should have waited until later.

Nicole wasn't acting like someone who wanted to see Sydney.  She kept getting smart with EJ before he agreed to deal.  She didn't get what she wanted yet so she should have been kissing up to him until she got what she wanted.

Thumbs up to the writers for remembering that Sami was married to Brandon for a short time.

Sami and Rafe finally got married.  It took them a long time to get married.  There were so many holdups that we thought it was going to get interrupted EJ.  It was nice to finally see them get married.

EJ was so dirty to Sami.  He barely gave her a chance to say goodbye to Johnny and Sydney.  We know he's angry, but he didn't have to let his jealousy over Sami and Rafe's marriage keep Sami from having a proper goodbye with the kids.

Leave it to Melanie to bring up the mess about Chloe's affair to Nathan.  They are practically on the verge of dying yet she wanted to bring up Nathan not telling her about the affair.  They had better things to worry about than her being lied to about Chloe.

Speaking of Nathan and Melanie, they admitted their love for each other.  We wonder what they are going to do when they inevitably get out of the hospital.

Page updated 5/30/12

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