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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/15/10 - 11/19/10

Was anyone surprised that Nicole wasn't going to hold her end of the bargain with Sami?  Nicole plans on doing whatever she wants to Sami as long as she had the proof.  After learning that, we take back what we said last week about Sami going along with Nicole's blackmail.  she was right not to trust Nicole.

Jennifer told Bo that Jack left her.  The writers had to come up with something to explain why he isn't back on the show.  How many times are the writers going to keep breaking them up?

What made EJ think that he would have been able to get away with kidnapping Johnny and Sydney without Stefano finding out? Stefano has selective knowledge when it comes to certain things so he would find that out without a problem.

It certainly didn't take much for EJ to chloroform Sami.  She turned her back on him which gave him the chance to give her the chloroform.  He was so rough with her before she passed out.  It's stuff like this that shows that EJ isn't the changed man some people think he is. 

Stephanie is being really snappy with Caroline about the paternity test.  Did Stephanie forget that Caroline did that for her?  Just because Stephanie suddenly had a change of heart about keeping secrets it doesn't mean she didn't feel the same way Caroline did once upon a time.

Why were Jennifer and Carly acting as if this is the first time Jennifer has been back to Salem?  Jennifer came back for Alice's funeral and ran into Carly.  Jennifer most likely knew that Carly was with Bo, yet Jennifer acted as if this is the first time she found out about it.

Nicole offered EJ the same deal she offered Sami and Rafe.  She is getting in over her head.  What was to stop EJ from turning against her once he got the proof?  She should have thought this plan out more than she did.

Why was Jennifer so cordial with Daniel?  She should know what Daniel did to her brother, yet she was as nice as pie with him.  We really shouldn't be surprised since she's still friends with Carly.  The Hortons don't know the first thing about loyalty. 

Nathan and Melanie were suddenly sick from the patient they helped.  The patient had a deadly virus and anyone who came in contact with him was going to catch it.  You would think everyone who came in contact with Carly would be affected too since Melanie hugged her after she was in contact with the patient.  If all it took for Nathan and Melanie to catch it was to be in a room with him, there's no reason why Carly doesn't have it when Melanie hugged her.

EJ got Sami good this week.  Now that he knows she shot him, he wanted to play hardball.  He gave her a deal in order to keep his silence about her shooting him.  He wanted her to give up custody of kids and to stay away from them for good.  He wants her to be dead to them.  In a way, we don't feel sorry for her.  EJ is a monster for giving Sami that deal, but she would have done the same thing to him if she had her way.  Guess Nicole's deal to let her spend time with Sydney is looking better and better now that she got a worse deal from EJ.

Sami couldn't wait to sell Kate out to EJ about her call.  Kate told her not to say anything about the call, but Sami couldn't resist selling her out.

Page updated 5/30/12

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