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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/8/10 - 11/12/10

Our prayers have been answered.  Vivian was finally let out of the coffin. Gus finally let Vivian out of the coffin.  It certainly took long enough for her to get out of the coffin.  We thought she was going to stay in the coffin for a while.  The story was okay at first, but it dragged on for too long.

Justin said he got to know Arianna when she was with Brady.  He said that was why she got him to handle her will.  If that were true, why didn't she get him to represent her when she was framed for the muggings?  She didn't need to get EJ's help.

Chad found out that he's Stefano's son.  He didn't want to believe the birth certificate because it said he was a year older than he is.  We were wondering if there would have been reference to Chad's age.  He also wanted to make the person pay for sending him the birth certificate.  We would sure like to see what he thinks he's going to do to make someone pay.  He is no match for the DiMeras so he may as well give up.

It certainly didn't take much for Maggie to believe that Victor put her in the coffin.  Vivian had no proof that Victor was the one who put her in there, but Maggie believed it. Just because Vivian overheard Maggie talking to Victor that didn't mean he was the one who put her in the coffin.  It takes very little for her to think the worst in him yet he's quick to think she's a saint.

Sami was so obvious that she is hiding something.  During the reading of Arianna's will, Brady said he didn't feel night taking over Arianna's estate.  When EJ offered to take over, Sami went ballistic.  She was letting EJ as well as the other guests know that she was up to something.

We are sick of Melanie judging Chloe about her affair.  Chloe shouldn't have cheated on Daniel the way she did, but Melanie is no better than Chloe since she's keeping Chloe's secret.  Also, it wasn't that long ago when Melanie had sex with someone out of the blue.  She slept with Philip and it was posted on the Internet.  Does she really thing she has a right to judge Chloe for what she did?

It was so convenient that Nicole happened to look through Arianna's things and found the camera.  Nicole always has the best luck and can find out everything.  She's always in the right place at the right time.  What are the odds that Arianna put the camera with her things when she planned on showing it to EJ the night she died?  If anything, the camera should have been in her pocketbook.

Chloe couldn't have planned it better herself when she went into labor.  Melanie was about to sell her out and she suddenly goes into labor.  It was as if Chloe timed it perfectly.

The lies never stop with Nicole.  She had the chance to tell Brady that she saw Sami's confession, but she lied and said there was no camera.  She should be able to tell Brady things since they both know about Vivian being in the coffin.  It didn't take her long to go back to lying considering she said she wouldn't lie again.

When did Stephanie have a change of heart about switching the paternity test?  She was obsessed with keeping the secret before but now that Caroline wants to keep the secret, she thinks it's wrong.  Stephanie obviously doesn't know what she wants.  She must want things both ways.

When Nicole told Sami that she had the camera Arianna had with her confession, Sami dumped out the purse so Nicole couldn't show it to anyone else.  Did Sami really think Nicole would have the proof with her when she confronted her?  She should know that Nicole is smarter than that.  She wouldn't have been stupid enough to have the proof with her.

We didn't feel sorry for Sami that Nicole wanted to sell her out for shooting EJ.  All Sami had to do was give in to Nicole's demand to see Sydney.  Sami couldn't do it.  She had to be big and bad and refuse to let her see Sydney.  All Sami had to do was give Nicole supervised visits with Sydney so Nicole would keep her mouth shut.  Instead of doing that, Sami had to prove what a big shot she was and refuse to give in to Nicole's blackmail.  If Sami loses her kids, it would serve her right.

Jennifer was back this week to help Hope get out of prison.  It was nice to see them working together again.  It will be interesting to see what she's going to do to help Hope get out of prison. 

Page updated 5/30/12

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