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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/1/10 - 11/5/10

It was revealed this week that Caroline switched the results.  That reveal wasn't a surprise to us since it was spoiled.  Kayla wasn't convinced right away that Caroline was telling the truth.  The writers really scrambled to make it plausible that Caroline switched the results.  She conveniently overheard Stephanie talking to Ian about Chloe's affair and losing Nathan to Melanie.  It broke her heart so she switched the results.  She also had access to the computer files so she was able to do the switch. This would have been a great twist if it weren't spoiled.

Thumbs up to the writers for having Caroline remind the audience that she lied for years about Bo's paternity.  Since she switched the paternity results, that was the perfect time for her to remember what she did with Bo.

Stephanie and Nathan were talking about the Horton/Bradys being together was practically tradition.  That's what made them think it was fate that they are together.  Did it escape their memory that none of the Horton/Brady pairs are together?  Bo/Hope, Lucas/Sami, and Frankie/Jennifer are all apart so apparently it is not destined for Hortons/Bradys to be together.  Also, if Stephanie felt that way, why didn't she stay with Jeremy?  He's a Horton, but she broke up with him.

When did EJ learn to pick locks?  It was not likely that he would know how to do something like that.  He broke into Sami and Rafe's apartment to look for Arianna's proof that Sami shot him.

Where did Nicole think she was going to get the money to pay Kinsey to let her see Sydney?  We didn't think she was still a reporter so she shouldn't have that much money left to give to Kinsey.

Sami wouldn't have had to worry about Kinsey letting Nicole see Sydney if she watched Sydney herself.  All Sami ever does is pass her off on other people.  When will she learn to watch her herself?

EJ will stop at nothing to find out what he wants to know.  He had the gall to expect Brady to tell him what Arianna told him before she died.  Luckily Brady caught on to what EJ was doing even though she didn't tell him anything.  EJ proved once again that he didn't care one bit about Arianna.

When did Stephanie stop caring about Steve?  Kayla found out the Steve has a disease but all she cared about was the fact that Kayla wouldn't be there to talk to Daniel and Chloe.  What kind of daughter is she?  She should have been more concerned with Steve than Chloe's baby.

You would think that Sami would have went to Arianna's funeral with Rafe.  She may not have liked her, but she was still Rafe's sister.  Speaking of Arianna's funeral, they had it fast, didn't they? She just died and they had the funeral already.

We think Stefano was right when he thought EJ's motives for finding the truth was so he could have Sami in prison or in his bed.  Most likely he wants the latter because we all know he's conveniently still in love with her.

When did Justin become Arianna's lawyer?  The last time we checked, EJ was her lawyer.  She couldn't afford a lawyer when she went to jail or else she wouldn't have had to pay EJ a dollar to represent her.

Page updated 5/30/12

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