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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/25/10 - 10/29/10

It was so convenient that Arianna suffered so much damage after she was hit by the car?  Ben told Rafe that she would have trouble speaking or remembering things, but she didn't have trouble talking to EJ about his shooting.

Why would Caroline let Sydney go off with Kinsey to the pumpkin patch?  After what happened to Sydney at EJ's hands, Caroline should have thought twice about letting Sydney go off with Kinsey.  For all Caroline knew, EJ might have been able to talk her into letting him see Sydney.

Will is an insensitive jerk.  He knew that Gabi was upset over Arianna getting hit by a car, but he was only concerned with searching Arianna's bag for the camera.  He is supposed to be Gabi's friend so he could have at least pretended to care that her sister was in danger.

Maybe it's just us, but it seems as if the writers are acting as if Isabella just died.  Victor talked to Maggie about his grief as if Isabella just died.  We're not saying he should be over it, but why bring it up now?

EJ was as bad as Will.  He didn't care about Arianna's condition.  He only wanted her to get better because he needs her to help keep his children. If she didn't have the proof he needed to keep his children, he would probably care less that she was hurt.

The writers forgot history again.  When Vivian bribed Nicole to let her out of the coffin.  She said she didn't have any heirs.  Did they forget that Nicholas is her heir?  As far as we know, he's still alive.  Why wouldn't she leave the fields to him?  We know that she was probably lying, but it was glaring that she said she didn't have any heirs.

Sami is a piece of work.  After Arianna died, she got in an argument with EJ about Arianna.  She told him that he didn't care about Arianna and he was just using her.  She was no one to judge him when she didn't care for Arianna either.  She knows she was thrilled at the idea of Arianna being dead.  She is no different from EJ when it concerns using Arianna.

Once again Bo was blamed for Hope being in prison.  Victor put it all on Bo that Hope was in prison.  Bo was responsible because he didn't push Hope to fight the sentence.  Bo's own father blamed him for something Hope did.  When is Hope going to get the blame for what she did?

Speaking of Hope, does anyone care what happened to April?  She wasn't on the show long enough for us to care about her death.  Hope goes on and on about April's death like it's a big deal.  Maybe we would care if it were a character we knew for more than a couple of episode.

Melanie refused to forgive Carly because she believed Carly would have kept Daniel in the dark about Chloe's affair regardless of who the baby's father was.  Melanie may as well forgive Carly because she's no different.  She chose to keep Daniel in the dark too so she may as well not judge Carly for doing the same thing.

Why would Kinsey let Nicole take Sydney to the playground?  Kinsey should remember what Nicole did to Sydney because she kept harassing Nicole about it when she got out of prison.

Page updated 5/30/12

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