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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/18/10 - 10/22/10

Why couldn't Arianna tell EJ that Sami shot him over the phone?  It would have taken no more than five minutes to tell him what he wanted to know.  That was such a blatant attempt to foreshadow her inevitable fate.

It was so cute seeing Bo trying to talk to Ciara about her wanting to see Hope.  The two of them work so well together and are so cute together.  He is really going through a hard time trying to keep it together while Hope serves her time in prison.  We would have a better idea of what he was going through if the writers showed the storyline more than once or twice a week.

We wonder what Sami did to Arianna that made Arianna so furious at her.  She really ripped Sami a new one when she confronted her about shooting EJ.  We doubt her venom was because of Rafe because she barely acknowledges him.  She must really be jealous of EJ's love for Sami.

Are we the only ones who are bored with seeing Vivian in the sarcophagus?  It was funny at first, but it's getting old.  Now that Victor knows that she's in the sarcophagus, there's one more person who knows she's in there but left her in it.

We felt a tad of sympathy for Nicole when she was talking about having children with Brady.  She was so happy to adopt children with him and then he dropped the bomb on her.  He kicked her in the gut and told her her criminal past will prevent her from adopting a baby.  When that wasn't enough, he told her he didn't want children. You could tell that she was crushed even though she was willing to live a life with him without children.  It made us feel sorry for her.

Arianna had a lot of nerve expecting Rafe to be loyal to her and not call her a lion to the police.  She hasn't showed any loyalty to him so she should expect the same loyalty.  He wants to protect the person he loves the same way she does so she got a taste of her own medicine.

Isabella was back this week to talk Brady out of keeping Vivian in the coffin.  No offense to the actress, but she's clearly aged since she been on the show.  She clearly looks older than she should for someone who died at a younger age.

Why would Arianna alert Sami about the proof she had on Sami?  It would have made more sense to keep Sami in the dark about the proof.  Did Arianna really think that Sami was going to let Arianna take the proof to EJ or the police when she flaunted it in her face?  Arianna should have known better than to dangle the proof in Sami's face.

Once again, Melanie made Daniel's situation about herself.  She tried to grind glass in Carly's hand for keeping Daniel in the dark about Chloe's affair because she lied to her.  Who cares about what the lie did to Daniel?  Melanie was the one who was lied to so Carly should become Hope's cellmate because she committed a felony.

It was good to see Sister Ann not cater to Carly's plea of keeping her and Chloe's secret.  Carly had some nerve expecting Sister Ann to lie for her when Carly lied to her.  We know she will inevitably keep the secret, but it was good to see someone refuse to do what Carly wanted.

Page updated 5/30/12

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