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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/11/10 - 10/15/10

What is with Daniel always cutting Victor out of his life?  We know Daniel has an obsessive love for Chloe, but he doesn't have to be so quick to cut Victor out of his life.  Victor didn't sing Chloe's praises and Daniel didn't want to be bothered with Victor.  Daniel ended up having to eat crow when Victor was willing to welcome Chloe into the family.

Chloe couldn't wait to throw Carly under the bus.  She claimed she blurted out that Carly knew about the paternity test, but we all know she didn't.  She was being ripped into for what she did and she wanted Carly to go through the same thing.  Guess Carly's wishing that she sold Chloe out when she had the chance.  It didn't do Carly any to keep Chloe's secret when she had no problem telling on her.

We enjoyed the fact Melanie read Carly the riot act for keeping Daniel in the dark about Chloe's affair.  It's a reminder that Carly isn't the saint we are led to believe that she is.

Speaking of Melanie, she is so self-centered.  When she ripped into Carly for keeping Chloe's secret, she made it all about herself.  What difference did it make if Carly lied to her?  Carly's "crime" was that she lied to Daniel, yet Melanie mentioned what Carly did to her.  Whenever the truth comes out, we doubt that Daniel will be focused on what Carly did to Melanie.  Then again, everyone is supposed to worship Melanie so he may be focused on Melanie's pain.

Bo went to see Hope this week.  It seems as if it's been a long time since they have worked together.  Seeing them together makes us realize more and more how much they belong together.  It's too bad the writers don't realize that too.

When did Carly have a change of heart about Chloe's affair?  It wasn't that long ago when Carly kept threatening to tell Daniel about Chloe's affair.  Now that Melanie wants to tell the truth, Carly is worried about how hurt Daniel would be if he knew the truth.

Chloe should be thankful that Nicole is a quick thinker.  Nicole lied to Daniel and kept him from confronting Chloe about Melanie.  Nicole shouldn't have helped her considering Chloe was ready to cut her out of his life for her new best friends Carly and Melanie.  Nicole is definitely a better friend than Chloe is.

Rafe must have really wanted to know what Sami is keeping from him.  He went so far as to quit the F.B.I. just so she could tell him anything she knows.  He shouldn't have had to go to such lengths to get her to open up to him. 

We felt so sorry for Victor when Maggie kicked him in the gut by saying she didn't want to be with him. He really cares about her, but she doesn't want to betray Mickey by being with him.  Victor has the worst luck with women.

Melanie is such a hypocrite towards Chloe.  She's so high and mighty about Chloe betraying Daniel as if she didn't betray Philip.  She kissed Nathan when she married Philip.  She was also still in love with Nathan when she married Philip so she really doesn't have a nerve to think that Chloe is despicable for doing that to Daniel.

Melanie is worse than Chloe and everyone else keeping Daniel in the dark about Chloe's affair.  She didn't have to allow him to marry a woman who cheated on him.  She is no one to judge Carly and Nathan for keeping the secret when she did it too.  Hopefully Daniel will be just as upset with her as he is everyone else for keeping him in the dark.

EJ revealed the worst kept secret.  He told Stefano that he's still in love with Sami.  big surprise he was going to still be in love with Sami.  Big surprise he was going to still be in love with her after everything that has happened.  The writers were going to do anything they could to keep hope alive for Ejami (EJ/Sami) fans.  We (the audience) must be expected to forget what he's done just because he loves her.

It was too late for Melanie to have second thoughts about keeping Daniel in the dark about Chloe.  She had the chance to keep him from marrying her, but she didn't.

Page updated 5/30/12

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