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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/4/10 - 10/8/10

Nicole must really be desperate to be with Brady that she would make love with him now that she knows something about him. Brady can't be that great that she would be with him as a distraction.  What was to keep him from dumping her again?

Arianna was not a happy camper when she found out that Sami and Rafe are engaged.  She was worried about what the news would do to EJ.  You would think she would be happy that they are getting married.  It would give her a shot at EJ since she is obviously in love with him.

Sami decided not to tell Rafe the truth about shooting EJ.  We weren't the least bit surprised that he wasn't going to say anything.  She would rather keep the secret than trust Rafe enough to let him help her.  She will have no other choice but to tell the truth if Will is accused of shooting him.

It is a shame that Bo/Hope fans have to wait so long to see their story.  It's as if the writers forget that they are on the show.  We know it's a big cast, but they always find a way to show Sami/EJ's story.  Why not give that story a rest so we could see Bo/Hope's story?

Stephanie told Kayla that she has never loved anyone the way she loves Nathan.  Are we supposed to forget that she was in love with Philip?  She was ready to marry him not too long ago, but suddenly Nathan is the love of her life.  the writers must think that her sudden obsession with Nathan will justify her behavior.

We loved hearing Kayla rip Carly a new one to Bo.  We are so sick of everyone treating Carly like she's a saint so it was refreshing to us that someone didn't approve of Carly after everything that she's done.  We know Carly's fans will be disgusted with Kayla for what she said, but we enjoyed it.

It was amazing how quickly Nicole was willing to let Vivian stay in the coffin.  Last week it was wrong for Brady to let her stay in the coffin, but this week, she wanted her to stay in it.  We doubt the change of heart had anything to do with her love for Brady.  We think it was because of Vivian insulting her.  Vivian called her a washed up pornstar when Nicole wouldn't let her out of the coffin.

It was so convenient that Nancy and Joy had food poisoning for why the couldn't go to the wedding.  It was amazing how fast that happened considering Chloe said she just spoke to Nancy two days ago Salem time.  That was another bad excuse to keep Nancy and Craig from being at the wedding.  If the writers couldn't get the original actors for the role, they could have recasted them.  It would be better to recast them instead of coming up with terrible excuses for why they aren't there.

Chloe was under the impression that she and Melanie could be good friends.  She even bragged to Nicole about it.  Now that Melanie knows she cheated, we'll see if she feels the same way about Melanie.  We are really looking forward to seeing the look on her face when Melanie exposes her.

Brady revealed the worst kept secret to Victor.  He admitted that he is using Nicole for his plan.  We knew he didn't want to be with Nicole.  He was so obvious that he just wanted to keep her quiet.

Daniel picked Brady to be his best man.  It was awkward for Brady to be the best man since Daniel is marrying his wife.  Daniel would have been better off picking Bo as the best man.

Chloe can never take responsibility for her own actions.  When Melanie confronted her about the affair, she tried to lie her way out of it.  She even went so far as to say that Melanie's accusation would blow up in her face and she would have to prove that Chloe cheated.  Chloe had a lot of nerve trying to twist facts to come off like the innocent one.  Luckily Melanie was like a dog with a bone and didn't give up the pursuit of proving Chloe cheated.

Page updated 5/30/12

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