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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/27/10 - 10/1/10

Chloe was no one to judge Nicole for what she did at the baby shower.  Chloe has messed up too and will be looking for forgiveness.  She better hope that Daniel isn't as nasty to her as she was to Nicole.

We were wondering about Vivian's situation.  How on earth is she able to go to the bathroom?  Brady is conveniently feeding her through a tube, but how did he fix the bathroom situation?

Chloe really knows how to kick you when you're down.  She made a big deal about telling Nicole that no one loves her.  Nicole already felt bad enough, but Chloe had to make things worse than they were.  She told Nicole that she doesn't have any friends and she pushed her family away.  Chloe isn't any better.  How many friends do she have and where is her family?  Her own mother didn't show up to her baby shower so what does that say for her?

If we were Nicole, we would find Daniel and tell him that Chloe cheated on him.  Chloe gave Nicole no reason to keep her secret so why was Chloe so confident that Nicole would keep quiet?

You would think that Carly would have been asked Chloe who she slept with during her one night stand.  We don't know why she suddenly needed to know.  If she changed the results, it is pretty much a moot point.

How convenient was it that Sami had to pretend to be EJ's wife or else he could die?  The writers ripped off this plot on Passions with Sheridan, Luis, and Antonio.  Guess since Rafe played Luis in that storyline, the writers wanted to jump at the chance to put him in another storyline like that.

There was a real soap opera moment with Sami, EJ, and Rafe.  When EJ and Sami were kissing, Rafe walked in on them.  Rafe had perfect timing, didn't he?  Sami certainly didn't look like someone who didn't want to kiss him.  She looked as if she wanted to kiss him a second time.

Lexie is the worst doctor in the world since she wasn't able to tell that EJ was faking his amnesia.  She should have been able to tell through his tests that he was not in danger.

Speaking of EJ faking his amnesia, it was so obvious that this was where the writers were headed with this story.  We saw this coming as soon as he was shot.  This was the writers way of putting Ejami back together.

If we didn't see Sami shoot EJ, we would have suspected Will of having something to do with the shooting.  He is acting so suspicious as if he were the one who shot EJ instead of Sami. 

Who would have thought that Nicole would be the one to tell Brady about doing something wrong?  He was always the one on his high horse criticizing her for her actions and now the shoe is on the other foot.  Now he's in the position of being told about himself.  She tried to get him to let Vivian out of the coffin, but he wouldn't rush to do it.

Page updated 5/30/12

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