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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/20/10 - 9/24/10

How convenient was it that EJ woke up out of the coma after Sami decided to pull the plug on him?  There was no way that the writers were going to get rid of EJ so we guess they had to come up with a way to let him stay alive.

Stephanie was really obsessed with finding out who switched the paternity test.  You would think that she would be happy that the results were changed without her getting her hands dirty.  She's going to risk losing that wonderful Nathan (dripping with sarcasm) if she keeps worrying about the test results.

Stephanie figured out out of the blue that Daniel could have switched the paternity test.  Daniel should have been the first person on the list since he had something to gain by changing the results.  

It was so hilarious watching Victor's reaction to Vivian leaving him.  He had us cracking up over his joy.  Vivian just knew that Victor would figure out that she didn't leave him.  She got the shock of her life when she heard him say he was going to divorce her.

If Sami was so appalled at Stefano accusing Will of shooting EJ, why didn't she confess to what she did?  She wouldn't have to worry about Stefano threatening him.  She would rather Will be accused of what she did than confess to it.

Who knew that Bo knew about Hope's first attack in prison? If Bo didn't tell Carly that he knew, we would have figured that it was a surprise to him.  It's a shame that Bo/Hope's story has to happen offscreen.  We would rather see this story instead of the same ones they keep showing.

We didn't really feel sorry for Chloe when Nicole let it slip that Chloe did something to Daniel at the baby shower.  Chloe was a little too willing to side with Carly and Melanie when they wanted Nicole to leave the party.  If Chloe stood up for her, she might not have sold her out.

Why was Kayla brought back to the show?  Is her only purpose just to be Stephanie's sounding board? If so, she could have stayed gone.  There really wasn't a need to bring her back to the show.

Why would Nancy send Chloe's baby gift instead of being at the shower?  Chloe claimed Nancy didn't want everyone to see her say the same things she said the night before. That was the worst excuse in the world to explain her absence.  

Did it really take a brick for Rafe to figure out that Sami possibly shot EJ?  If she kept protesting that Will didn't do it, it must have been her. The only way she could know for a fact that Will was innocent was if she did it herself. 

Page updated 5/30/12

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