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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/13/10 - 9/17/10

What does it say for Sami that Will thought she should have been sorry for shooting EJ?  She only apologized for Will seeing her, but not for shooting him.  If she thinks she can get away with shooting EJ, sheís no different from EJ.

Once again Carly tried to be a saint when she was arguing with Vivian.  She was so quick to tell Vivian to stay away from Melanie, Philip, Daniel, and Chloe that Vivian got suspicious of her.  Vivian wanted to know what was going on between Carly and Chloe.  We wish that Vivian would just do something to Carly and do away with her.

The writers forgot about Peter when Stefano said EJ was his only son.  Did Peter die without us knowing about it?  This is as bad as what they do with Cassie and Rex.

How many times do we have to see the flashbacks of Sami shooting EJ or what lead her to shoot EJ?  If itís not those flashbacks, itís the flashbacks of Kate calling Sami that are shown.  Itís starting to remind us of Passions when there were flashbacks shown on there.

We wonder what it is that Brady is drinking.  Whatever it is, it is making him be smart.  He was able to figure out that Vivian was up to something with the sarcophagus.  Who knew that it would have taken Brady to figure out what was going on with Vivian.

It was nice to see Hopeís story on the screen.  It has been a while since her story has been shown.  It was a nice break from the other stories that are being shoved down our throats.

Stephanie got what she deserved when she was proven wrong about Chloe.  She manipulated her way into getting Chloeís email address and gave it to Ian.  When he checked the hospital website, he found out that Chloe didnít switch the results.  She was just so sure that Chloe or Philip had to change the results.

Maybe it was us but we werenít that heartbroken that Vivian knocked out Brady with an urn.  He was being so cocky when he rubbed her nose in the fact that Victor loves Maggie that he had it coming.  We would have wanted to do something too if he spoke to us the way he spoke to her.

Was anyone really surprised that Will wasnít going to say anything to the police about what Sami did to EJ?  He might be keeping quiet because he might know more about the shooting than heís letting on.  We wouldnít be the least bit shocked if Will shot EJ himself.

Melanie had some nerve telling Maggie it was okay to wreck Victorís home despite the fact that heís married.  Just because heís married to Vivian that doesnít mean he isnít married.  We wonder if she will think itís okay when she finds out what Chloe did to her marriage.  We be it wonít be okay then.

Why did the guard outside of EJís room allow so many visitors to see EJ?  Any of them could have shot him and could be finishing off the job.

When did Arianna declare herself EJís bodyguard?  When Nicole attacked EJ and wanted him to die, Arianna showed up and kicked her out of his room.  She had perfect timing, didnít she?  EJ should be grateful that Arianna is always defending him now.  Who knows what Nicole would have done if Arianna didnít walk in the room.

What made Vivian think that using Isabellaís memory would make Brady take her out of the coffin?  What she did to Isabella was why sheís in there in the first place.

Sami should have known that Stefano wouldnít be happy about her taking EJ off of life support.  She would be just as furious as Stefano if one of her kids were in EJís position.

Sami has herself in quite the position.  She was advised that she should take EJ off of life support, but Rafe told her that the shooter would be charged with murder if she did.  Whatís a shooter to do not that she could be charged with murder?

Page updated 6/7/12

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