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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/6/10 9/10/10

The writers forgot all about Sami's life with Lucas when she told Rafe that her life was a mess until she met him. All of her times with Lucas weren't bad yet she thinks that her life with Rafe is so great.

Thumbs up to James Scott for actually shaving his hair for his surgery.  Most people wouldn't go to that trouble just to make the story look realistic.

Nicole should have been prepared for World War IV when she showed up at the hospital during EJ's operation.  Did she really think Stefano would want her there without threatening her?  Was she that arrogant that she could walk in the hospital and rub EJ's nose in the fact that he got shot and not face Stefano's wrath?

Sami had some gall getting upset when Bo asked where she was when EJ was shot.  She was acting as if she didn't shoot EJ.  She practically ripped Bo a new one as if she were innocent.

Why would Bo think that Stefano could have arranged EJ's shooting when Sami has the biggest motive to shoot him?  Surely Bo knows what EJ did to Sami so it wasn't much of a leap to think that she could have shot EJ.  Stefano may be responsible for a lot of things, but he wouldn't shoot his boy wonder.

Melanie is really working our nerves about Chloe's baby shower. We know she's excited about being a big sister, but she is really obsessed with the baby shower.  We don't know how Philip puts up with it. 

How convenient was it that EJ wanted Sami to make his health decisions if he couldn't.  That made it easy for her to do anything she wanted to him.

Who ever thought we would see the day when Kate would protect Sami?  She had the chance to sell her out to Bo, but she chose to keep quiet.  Of course she's protecting herself too, since she could go down for warning Sami about EJ's plan, but we still didn't expect her to protect Sami.

We felt really bad for Stefano having to go through watching EJ suffer.  He was so broken up about seeing him in pain.  It just showed how much Stefano cares about his children.

We are not fans of Chloe, but we are sick of Stephanie and Ian assuming that Chloe is not smart.  Stephanie as well as Ian barely know Chloe enough to know if she's smart.

Rafe had harsh words for the DiMeras.  He told Stefano that he wished EJ's shooter took out the whole DiMera clan.  Lexie was standing there at the time.  What did she do to him?  What did Sydney, Johnny, and Theo do to him?  Did he forget all of them are DiMeras too?

The writers are going overboard making Carly look like a saint.  She was willing to get over Chloe trying to kill her.  That's so noble of Carly (dripping with sarcasm) we wonder if she would be so forgiving if she knew what she did to Melanie.

Sami got a rude awakening when Will told her that he saw what she did.  Guess she should have made sure the mansion was empty before she shot EJ.  He many not have actually seen what she did, but he was on to her.

How did Arianna know what happened to EJ? It was not likely that anyone told her, yet she knew to be at the hospital.  It couldn't have been in the paper or on the news or else Will would have known without Rafe having to tell him.

Page updated 6/7/12

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