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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/30/10 9/3/10

Kate had some nerve flipping out on Stefano because of all the lies and secrets.  She wasn't worried about lies and secrets when she tried t kill Chloe.  It was okay for Stefano to lie then.  Guess secrets and lies are okay when it's to protect Kate, but it's wrong for other people.

Leave it to EJ to blame Nicole for why he set up Sydney's kidnapping. He told Arianna that Nicole's lies and miscarriage were the reason why everything went wrong.  When is he ever going to take responsibility for his own actions?

Arianna certainly doesn't know the first thing about loyalty.  she was comforting EJ for losing his children.  Did she forget what he did to Rafe?  This was the same person who went bat crazy when she saw Rafe with Nicole, but she could be there for EJ.

We loved when Stefano reminded Kate that he is protecting her secret.  Kate forgot all about what Stefano did for her so she needed a reminder that she is not without sin.

Sami should be thankful that Rafe is nothing like her.  He was more than willing to forgive her for not believing him.  We doubt that she would have been as forgiving if the shoe were on the other foot.

Philip is a hypocrite.  He got mad that Melanie didn't tell him that she was almost attacked as if he isn't keeping a bigger secret from her. He didn't tell about his one night stand with Chloe.

Caroline was right to rip Arianna a new one for leaving EJ a friendly message.  She told Arianna that her loyalty should be with her family.  Caroline was right because Arianna shouldn't be feeling sorry for EJ after what he's done.

It was amazing how Sami suddenly flashed to EJ telling her that Sydney was dead now that he knows the truth.  She didn't have one thought about that before the truth came out.  You would think that she would have been haunted with that for a while.

Luckily for Nicole, Daniel was her knight in shining armor when EJ attacked her.  EJ made Nicole think he was sorry for blaming her for his mess.  When she fell for it, he attacked her.  Daniel showed up and stopped him.  Nicole needs to take better precautions because EJ is a nutcase.

What kind of grandmother is Caroline to call Will dumb?  She was being so self-righteous towards him for believing in Stefano.  When did Caroline become the saint of Salem to judge people?

If Sami was so worried about what EJ was going to do to the kids, why did she want to stay with Rafe when he wanted to take her to see them?  She thought they would be sleep so she didn't have to check on them.  You would think that she would have rushed to check on them. 

Kate surprisingly warned an ungrateful Sami about EJ's plan to take the kids and leave town.  We were shocked that she warned Sami especially given their history.  Sami wasn't the least bit grateful for Kate telling her about EJ.  She didn't thank her for the trip.  She just hung up on her.  Kate could have kept the truth from her.

It certainly didn't take much for EJ to be considered the worst father in soap history.  Before the truth came out, everyone thought he was such a great father.  Now all of a sudden, he's a selfish father who doesn't care about his kids.

Sami's body must feel like a pillow to Rafe because he didn't notice that Sami was gone. When Sami snuck out of his apartment and shot EJ, Rafe never noticed she was gone.  He was on her side of the bed, but didn't notice a thing.  He grabbed a pillow on her side and quickly went back to sleep.  Guess she didn't make much of an impact in bed after they made love.  LOL!

Brady has been angry at everyone ever since he dumped Nicole.  He ripped Vivian a new one for doing something for his mother.  He didn't know that it was a ploy to kill Maggie, but he was still upset about it. It takes very little to set him off.

Rafe proposed to Sami.  She wasted no time getting married again.  She was about to get married the night before so you would think she would have wanted to wait a little bit before she got engaged again.

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Page updated 6/8/12

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