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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/23/10 – 8/27/10

Roman tried to stop EJ and Sami’s wedding by arresting Sami. She had to talk him into allowing her to get married.  If he were going to cave in and let her get married, he never had to go to al of the trouble to stop the wedding.

Sami told Roman that she and Rafe were never going to get together because Rafe isn’t the man she thought he was.  That is so rich of her to think that about Rafe considering the man she wanted to marry is EJ.  EJ has proven that he’s not the man she thought he was.

It didn’t make sense for Stephanie to go through so much trouble to keep Nathan.  She wanted Ian to change the results of the paternity test.  She would be better off breaking up with Nathan and hooking up with Ian.  At lease she wouldn’t have to deal with him falling for Melanie like she does with Nathan.

Sister Ann found Chloe’s consent form, which allowed Carl to see the paternity test results.  She couldn’t see them at first because Sister Ann didn’t find the consent form at first.  It was convenient that Stephanie was able to see the results before Carly.  If Sister Ann didn’t take so long to find the forms, Stephanie wouldn’t have seen the results before Carly.

Daniel was acting suspicious.  When he got a text, he reacted to it.  We think that he got a text about Chloe’s paternity test.  Someone changed the results before Ian did so it could be him.  If it’s not him, it might be Philip.  He was on the phone with someone who eh owes a favor to now.  Maybe he is the one who had it done.  We will suspect everyone until it is revealed.

EJ and Sami had one of the longest weddings in the world.  They had the whole hour to have the wedding, but they never finished.  Even when Roman interrupted the wedding, they still had time to finish the ceremony.  They had long vows, which gave Rafe time to stop the wedding.  Rafe had time to hear the cd and take Nicole to the precinct before EJ and Sami got married. We didn’t want EJ and Sami to get married, but that was a blatant attempt on the writers’ part to keep them from getting married.

Who was Stephanie to assume that Chloe could barely spell her name let alone switch the paternity results?  Stephanie barely knows Chloe so how would she know whether or not Chloe is a computer expert?  Besides, if Stephanie was so smart with computers, why did she need Ian’s help?  She could have switched the results herself.

EJ should have been a little more worried about Sami talking to Rafe at the wedding.  Stefano tried to warn him that Rafe might know about EJ kidnapping Sydney.  EJ was so sure that Rafe didn’t know anything about the kidnapping.

Sami can be so maddening.  Whenever she’s upset with someone, she never lets him or her speak.  When Rafe tried to tell her about EJ’s secret, she wouldn’t let him get a word in edgewise.

Philip hinted to Melanie that they could get their won house.  Philip is the reason why they are staying with Maggie.  He wanted to move in with Maggie so they could take care of her.  Now that he wants to have sex with Melanie all over the house, we are supposed to forget why they are there.

Rafe loves giving his news buildups instead of telling what he knows.  When Sami kept cutting him off, he could have said what he knew about EJ.  Instead, he had to drop hints about it.  He was being just as maddening as Sami.

Rafe finally told Sami that EJ set up Sydney’s kidnapping.  It took him long enough to say something.  EJ had to keep denying doing anything before he said something.

Sami actually had to be convinced that EJ would have set up Sydney’s kidnapping.  After everything he has done in the past, she had trouble believing it.  If she thinks that EJ is such a saint, why did she keep the pregnancy a secret in the first place?

We loved the look on Carly’s face when Bo said Hope was all he was thinking about.  She looked as if she lost her best friend.  We absolutely loved it.

Dr. Baker couldn’t wait to blame Bo for why Hope turned to the pills.  When Bo threatened him, he turned the conversation in his favor and made Bo look like the one in the wrong for Hope’s actions.  Dr. Baker played the right card to get Bo to back off of him.

Why is Melanie so obsessed with being a good big sister to Chloe’s baby?  It’s as if she knows that the baby is Philip’s.  We know she’s excited, but her joy over this baby is a bit much.

Dr. Baker showed that he has a soft spot for Hope.  He changed his plea to guilty when his lawyer kept torturing her on the stand.  He blamed himself as well as Bo for why she did what she did. 

Sami finally got to hear EJ’s confession without interruption.  It was about time she knew what EJ did to her.  Before she heard the truth, she acted as if he were the second coming or something.

How self-centered was Melanie when Maggie wanted to leave Salem for a while?  The first thing that flew out of Melanie’s mouth was how Maggie leaving was going to affect her.  Maggie couldn’t even go away without Melanie making it about herself.

Nicole brought it on herself that the DiMeras will be after her.  If she stayed at the police station, she would have had protection.  Instead, she had to leave the station just to run into Stefano.

E had a lot of nerve proposing to Sami again.  She just heard his confession to setting up Sydney’s kidnapping, but he thought he could still marry her.  Was he that sure of himself that declaring his love for her would get her to marry him?

Sami threatened to keep the kids from EJ. He should have known that she was going to do that.  She has threatened him like that before so he should have seen that coming.  We can’t say that we feel sorry for him after what he did to her.

Why was Kate so appalled that Stefano kept EJ’s secret?  She tried to kill Chloe and he kept that secret.  Did she really think that he wouldn’t have kept EJ’s secret?

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/8/12

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