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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/16/10 8/20/10

What made Sami think that Will would be jumping up and down for joy over her marrying EJ?  He moved out of the townhouse because she let EJ stay there so why would he be excited about the wedding?

How many times do Chloe and Philip have to be caught together before they realize they should stop meeting each other? Nathan walked up on them while they were hugging.  Everyone in Salem will see them together before they get the hint.  They won't be able to use Hope as an excuse for much longer.

It was too easy for Stephanie to use the computer at St. Mary's hospital.  You would think that there would be more security there considering patients' files are on the computer.

How convenient was it that Stephanie has a friend who knows how to hack into computers?  It is just too easy for Stephanie to stick her nose into Chloe's business.  Chloe's paternity test results have nothing to do with Stephanie so she should stay out of it.

Since when have Lexie and Sami been getting along?  We remember when they hated each other.  When did that suddenly change?  If the writers showed Lexie more, maybe it wouldn't be a surprise that they are getting along now.

Hope's family may as well stop trying to convince her that she should think of Ciara and not plead guilty.  If she thought about Ciara, then she wouldn't be getting ready to be sentenced for mugging people.  She didn't think about Ciara when she started taking the pills in the first place.

If EJ and Sami were paying attention to Johnny, he wouldn't have wandered downstairs and saw them making out with each other.  Maybe they should make sure that the kids are in the bed before they decide to make out with each other.

We wanted to get up and cheer when Bo testified for Hope. He tried his best to make her look better.  He even tried to take some of the blame for what Hope did.  Bo also told Hope that he would be there for her regardless of what happened.  We weren't surprised that Hope started to cry.  We just wish that Carly had seen that.

Brady was drunk, but he was so right about Sami.  He told her how she was afraid to be alone and that's why she's marrying EJ.  Sami couldn't handle that Brady was right about her.  He could barely walk, but he was able to read her from cover to cover.

Did the writers intend to dumb Nicole down so that Rafe could find out the truth?  It's really hard to believe that Nicole would think for one minute that Rafe would want to be with her.  She was suspicious, but she didn't think that he was digging for info about EJ.  Rafe has never showed any interest in Nicole so you would think that she wouldn't have fallen for his sudden interest in her.

How many fantasies does Sami have to have about Rafe before she realizes she shouldn't be with EJ?  She shouldn't have agreed to marry EJ when she is constantly thinking about Rafe.

Arianna is a hypocrite.  She was upset with Rafe for being with Nicole, but she continued to associate with EJ when she knew how Rafe felt about him.  She expected Rafe to understand that she wanted to keep talking to EJ, but she was upset that he was spending time with Nicole.

Sami had a lot of nerve getting upset about Rafe being with Nicole.  She is marrying EJ so she had no right getting upset that he was with Nicole.  Rafe can be with anyone including Nicole since she is with EJ now.  Does Sami expect Rafe to be alone for the rest of his life?  She can't have her cake and eat it too.

Nicole should have hidden the disk in a better hiding place than in her pocketbook.  It was too easy for Rafe to find the disk.  You would think that she would have had the disk locked up somewhere safe and not in her pocketbook.  Has she ever heard of a safety deposit box?  She could have put the disk there and Rafe would have never found it.

Speaking of Rafe and Nicole, why didn't he take the proof and leave her place?  Why did he have to stay until Nicole woke up? Did Rafe want to rub in the fact that he found the proof?  He could have had the proof in Sami's hands the night before instead of waiting around for Nicole to wake up.

Why is Melanie so obsessed with Chloe's pregnancy? Every time Melanie is on the show, she talks about the way Chloe has been acting about her pregnancy.  It's as if Melanie knows that Philip and Chloe were together.  She only mentions Chloe's baby whenever Philip or Chloe are in the room.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/8/12

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