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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/9/10 8/13/10

Considering what EJ has done, does he really have a right to be upset with Dr. Baker for what he did?  Dr. Baker isn't the only one who was guilty of wrongdoings?

Carly got an earful when she heard Bo tell Hope that he never stopped believing in her. Carly should have been paying more attention to Bo instead of worrying about Daniel's relationship.  We are holding out hope that moments like these are the steps in the right direction so Bo and Hope will reunite.

How many people have to warn Sami about no getting involved with EJ before she listens?  Dr. Baker doesn't know EJ, but he knew that Sami shouldn't get together with him.  What does that say about EJ if someone who doesn't know him knows he isn't good enough for Sami?

We remember not too long ago that Melanie thought that Carly was a homewrecker for being with Bo while he was still married to Hope.  Fast forward some months and now Melanie is giving Carly her seal of approval for shacking up with a married man.  Right, everyone is supposed to approve of all of Carly's actions.  Carly can never do any wrong now that we know that she is Melanie's mother.  Everyone (including Melanie) wanted Carly tarred and feathered before it came out that she is Melanie's mother.  Now Carly is being considered a saint.  The writers love Melanie so now they want us to love Carly too.

EJ and Sami were supposed to be on the beach with the kids so why were the kids with Mary?  It wasn't hard at all for EJ and Sami to have fun on the beach if Mary was the one who was babysitting.  We are so tired of hearing that Sami is such a good mother when Mary has to play with her kids.

What is up with Arianna's attitude? Arianna had such a nasty attitude when Rafe tried to talk to her.  We know that she's upset that she was framed, but she didn't suffer while she was in jail and she's out now.

Sami has officially become the dumbest woman in Salem.  Sami accepted EJ's proposal.  She knows that EJ has done something, but she still agreed to marry him.  She also claimed that she couldn't marry him while she was in love with Rafe. What changed her mind?  Did she stop loving Rafe?

The writers are going out of their way to make Chad appear more sympathetic.  That explains why Charles is going overboard treating Chad so badly.  Also, Kate keeps butting in Chad's business.  It's going to take a lot more than Kate being involved in his story for us to care about him one way or the other.

Wasn't that convenient how EJ just happened to be bribing one of the cops at the police so he could go see Hope?  That made it so easy for EJ to get in to see her.

Speaking of EJ, there should be an irony flag flying around whenever he is in a scene. The man has the gall to want justice now that he knows what Hope did.  He should be thrown under the jail for everything that he's done.

Bo put smiles on our faces this week (he does that anyway though) when he told EJ not to threaten his wife.  That made us so happy.  It's too bad that Carly didn't hear Bo refer to Hope as his wife.

Speaking of Bo, he went one step further.  He threatened to kill EJ if he does anything to Hope.  We love that Bo wants to help Hope like this.  We are hoping that the story will continue to focus on Bo and Hope.  It is time to get Carly out of Bo and Hope's story.

It's possible that what Sami and Rafe has is lust.  She has no problem marrying EJ when she claims to be in love with Rafe.  If that were true, she wouldn't be willing to marry EJ.  Also, Rafe would tell Sami what he knows and that he wants to be with her.  It's easy to assume that all they have between them is lust.

Nicole was right when she reminded Chloe that she has been there for her.  Chloe never wants to be there for Nicole or anyone else when they need her.  Chloe is so self-centered because she thinks she's the only one entitled to having problems.

Does Chloe wants her affair with Philip to come out?  Why did she have to meet Philip just to tell him that she took the paternity test and that Carly will give her the results in a few days.  They keep meeting in public to talk about their affair instead of staying away from each other.  It makes us think that she wants to be caught.

Stephanie must have the best timing.  She managed to overhear Daniel say that Chloe is pregnant with his child.  What were the odds that he would have mentioned the baby while she was there?

Stephanie should stop being Nancy Drew because she could lose Nathan that way.  It would be her own fault if she loses Nathan because she wouldn't stay out of Philip and Chloe's business.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/8/12

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