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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/2/10 8/6/10

After what happened to Ciara with the kidnapping, you would think that Bo wouldn't have let her go off with the detective to the park.  She was kidnapped by a cop so she wasn't necessarily safe just because she was with a cop.

Isn't it convenient how Hope can remember what happens at night, but she doesn't remember anything she does at night during the day? Nighttime Hope remembers things that happen even when she wasn't taking the pills, but she doesn't remember what she does at night.

Brady wants to take his chances and be with Nicole again.  He has proven that he has lost whatever was left of his brain.  He knows all of the things that she's done so why would he want to be with her?

How come Sami was able to marry EJ before when she was in love with Lucas, but she can't do it because she loves Rafe?  Do the writers want us to forget that Sami was in love with Lucas once upon a time?  We have not forgotten about Lucas just because the writers want Sami to forget him.

Brady obviously didn't love Arianna the way he claimed since he couldn't wait to jump in bed with Nicole.  Brady and Arianna weren't apart for that long and he already had sex with Nicole.

Kudos to Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell. They did such great jobs when hope was about to stab Bo.  She looked like she really wanted to murder him. He also seemed sincere when he tried to reach out to her to stop her from killing him.  It was especially touching to watch Bo holding Hope after he knocked the knife out of her hand.  They work so well together and hopefully the writers won't ruin that by keeping them apart permanently.

We noticed that Bo didn't tell Carly what Hope did to him.  He also didn't tell her that he loved her when she told him.  Could these be signs that Bo wants to be back with Hope?

we hope that it's a good sign that Bo has been calling Hope "Fancy Face".  he hasn't called her that since they broke up so it was great to hear him call her that nickname again.  We didn't realize how much we missed hearing it until Bo said it.

Since Adrienne is divorced, she really isn't the one that Stephanie should go to for advice about her love life.  Right, Stephanie would have no reason to talk to Adrienne if she weren't always whining about herself.

We don't feel the least bit sorry for Brady because he found out about Nicole's money.  He shouldn't have been surprised that Nicole kept the fact that she has $5 million from him.  He knows what she is capable of doing, but he wanted to be with her anyway.

Maybe Brady finally has his brains in his head again.  He had a roll in the sack with Nicole and then dropped a bomb on her.  He told her that he was done with her.  Hopefully he will mean it this time.

We would hate to be in Bo's position.  Ciara begged him not to let her mommy go away for a long time.  What does he do?  Does he turn Hope in and do the right thing?  That would mean he would break his daughter's heart.  Does he help Hope hid and make Ciara happy?  He could lose his job that way.

Leave it to Julie to try and blame Bo for what happened to Hope.  Bo was not the one who walked out on her.  She left Bo.  Hope did end up telling Julie that Bo wasn't responsible for what she did.  She didn't say why though.

Daniel was like a dog with a bone with the apology he wanted to give Carly's "patient".  He was really obsessed with making sure the "patient" knew he was sorry for upsetting her.  We know that he only cared so much because Chloe was the patient.

What was Roman thinking?  For some reason, he thought that Bo and Hope cooked up her confession to protect Dr. Baker.  Why would they do that?  They didn't know him well enough to cover for him.  It's no wonder that Roman didn't become commissioner over Bo.

That was so nice of Bo to go out of his way to try and downplay what Hope did.  He certainly had no reason to protect her, but he did it anyway.  This may be one more step in the right direction for Bo and Hope.

Julie could have helped Hope if she told someone about the pills.  Julie was the only one who knew about the pills and she could have stopped Hope from attacking Bo as well as the other victims.

As happy as we are that Brady has opened his eyes to Nicole, we don't understand why he's so upset about the money. She didn't steal the money from him so why did he care so much?  He didn't react this strongly when he found out that she switched Sami and Mia's babies.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/8/12

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