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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/26/10 7/30/10

Since Melanie is married, why did she react when Nathan said that he was moving in with Stephanie?  She can't have it both ways.  She picked Philip so she needs to forget about what Nathan's doing.

Caroline should have been more focused on what was going on with Bo instead of being jealous that Victor was at the hospital with Maggie.  Caroline could have lost her son, but she only cared that Victor was at the hospital with Maggie.

Will should have felt guilty for telling Chad the truth about Madeline.  If he wasn't trying so hard to convince Chad that Sami was a better parent, then Chad wouldn't have confronted Madeline.  Chad let Will off the hook by telling him about his mother's condition.  We wonder if Will would have been sorry if Madeline didn't die.

As Bope fans, we don't like how they are apart.  We feel like we have to be happy for any little bond that we can get from them.  With that out of the way, we loved how they told each other how they are family and couldn't imagine the world without either one of them in it.  They also held hands.  These were great Bo and Hope moments.  The extra icing on the cake was that Carly saw them together.  That was a true soap moment.

Why is Chloe ready for Daniel to know the truth about her affair now?  Philip wanted to come clean about their affair before, but she didn't want him to say anything.  Now that she wants Daniel to know, it's okay to tell the truth.  Chloe claimed that if Philip's marriage wouldn't be destroyed, she would tell the truth.  Why is it okay to tell the truth on her terms, but Philip had to keep quiet?

What is wrong with this picture?  Melanie wanted to check on Bo at the hospital, but Philip didn't go.  Philip knows that Bo was in the hospital, but he hasn't visited Bo at all.  Does Philip only care about Bo when he's in trouble?

It's ironic that Hope was worried about what happened to Bo.  She was the one who attacked Bo yet she was crying on Justin's shoulder because of what happened to Bo.  We expect to see an irony flag over Hope's head whenever she talks about her crimes.

Since Hope doesn't live with Bo anymore, shouldn't she knock on the door when she goes to the house?  It's not really appropriate for her to just show up at the house and walk in without knocking.  Also, she wouldn't have seen Bo sitting on the couch with Carly if she didn't barge in the house.

Bope fans had a glimmer of hope (pardon the pun) this week.  Carly told Bo to think of a happy memory so he could relax.  Carly was helping Bo relax since his head was hurting badly.  Anyway, the thought about sailing with Hope?  Bo could have easily thought about Carly to relax, but he thought about Hope.  It was a great moment for Bope fans because his happy memory was about Hope and not Carly.

We loved the look on Carly's face when Bo told her how his happy memoirs were of him sailing around the world with Hope.  Carly looked as if he were smacked in the face when he said he wasn't in pain anymore.  We know that was why Carly wanted to snatch the memory away and remind him that he was attacked.

Victor shouldn't have married Vivian if he is going to keep treating her so badly.  He was the one who wanted to offer himself in exchange for Carly's life so he should stop treating her so badly.  Vivian may decide to hurt Bo as well as Carly if he keeps giving her a hard time.

Why does Abe always get so tense whenever Stefano is near Theo?  I know Abe doesn't like him, but Stefano wouldn't do anything to Theo as long as he can see him.  Stefano hasn't done anything to Theo so Abe needs to relax.

Carly proved once again that she's a hypocrite.  She didn't want Bo to leave the hospital or leave his house to go to the police station, but she did it.  She left the hospital when she wanted to leave to see Melanie.  Why was it okay for Carly to leave the hospital when she was there, but it was wrong for Bo to do what he wanted to do?

We weren't surprised that Caroline was starting to get annoyed with Sami when she went on and on about EJ.  We are tired of watching her go on and on about her feelings for EJ.  She needs to make up her mind one way or the other.

Leave it to Sami tog et upset that Rafe took a call when she wanted to talk about EJ.  What makes Sami think that Rafe would want to hear about her relationship with EJ?  It wouldn't surprise us if Rafe made his phone ring so he wouldn't have to hear about EJ.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/8/12

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