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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/19/10 7/23/10

Roman told Bo that he needed to back off as far as Hope's concerned.  Roman is Bo's brother and not Hope's.  You would think he would be on Bo's side, but that didn't happen.  Roman wanted to brush off Bo's suspicions.  If Roman only knew that Bo was right.  Roman wouldn't be so quick to tell Bo to back off.

Why would Philip keep going to Chloe to talk about their affair?  Does he want tog et caught?  He must since he won't stay away from her.  You would think that he would avoid her as much as possible.

Melanie wants to have her cake and eat it too.  She married Philip, but she seemed jealous when she saw Nathan with Stephanie.  Melanie shouldn't have married Philip since she knew she still wanted to be with Nathan.

What was Charles thinking when he blamed Chad for what happened to Madeline?  What father would blame his son like that?  He didn't even know what the fight was about and he still blamed him.  That sounds like something our father would have done if we were in that situation.

We would have been happy to see Hope kiss Bo if it didn't happen while she was on drugs.  We want to see them kiss when they are officially back together.  That would be a great thing to see.

Is Days Of Our Lives in financial trouble again?  There have been quite a few product placements on the show.  The latest one was with Hershey's Bliss.  Melanie was selling it to Philip as if she had stock in the company.  We hope that doesn't mean that there are going to be budget cuts.

Carly always has the worst timing.  Bo was finally starting to get through to Hope and she was getting close to being herself again.  Hope even wanted to stay at the house and talk to Bo.  As soon as they made progress, Carly had to call and interrupt them.  It's as if Carly knew to interrupt them to keep them from getting closer.  Carly didn't need to tell Bo that she was working late.  Right, Carly has magical powers just like any other witch. LOL!

Why would Marlena sell the townhouse when she knew that Sami was living there?  It would make more sense for Marlena to keep the house so Sami could stay there and not at the mansion.

Did we hear Hope right?  Did she really tell Bo that she wished that he fought harder for their marriage?  She was the one who walked out on him when he begged her not to leave.  She never wants to acknowledge that whenever Bo reminds her about that.  She may have chosen to forget that detail, but we remember who walked out on whom.

We were ready to leap out of our seats with joy when Bo offered to break up with Carly and allow Hope and Ciara to come home.  We only wish that were true because that would mean that they could be together again.

Rafe is our boy and all, but he is the main reason why he and Sami are apart. He could be back with Sami if he wanted to be with her, but he insists that they are finished.  If that's true, then it shouldn't matter to him if she worked things out with EJ.

Speaking of Sami, she has no right to get jealous that Rafe might be moving on with his life.  She has made it perfectly clear that she is moving on with her life so she shouldn't care if he wants to do the same thing.

What were the odds that Daniel would have showed up at Bo's house just when Hope was about to light him on fire?  It's a good thing that he did since Bo would have been burned alive.

What has happened to Sami?  She didn't believe Rafe when he told her that EJ and Nicole are hiding something.  If she would put two and two together, then she would have realized that Rafe was right. Did she forget that Nicole was going to expose EJ not too long ago?  That should have been an indication that Rafe was actually telling the truth.

It was too easy for Hope to get into Bo's room and get to him.  There should have been a police officer outside of his door since Bo was almost murdered.  Bo is the commander so you would think that he would have had more protection than he had.

Why was it so hard for Roman and company to figure out who hated Bo enough to want to kill him?  Everyone in Salem knows that Bo and Hope are having marital problems so it wouldn't have been out of left field that she would have been the one to hurt him.

It doesn't say much for Sami that Sydney knows EJ better.  That is an indication that Sami doesn't spend that much time with Sydney or she wouldn't know EJ better.

Hope had her chance to kill Bo if she wanted to do it.  She took the time to talk to Bo instead of putting the air bubble in his IV.  Please don't misunderstand what we are saying.  We don't want Hope to kill Bo, but she had time to do it if she wasn't talking to him so long.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/8/12

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