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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/12/10 7/16/10

We certainly missed seeing Rafe without a shirt on again.  It has been so long since we've seen his six-pack and we were happy to see him like that again.  That's a reason to be thankful for the summer. LOL!

We were cheering Nicole on when she told EJ that she was going to make him pay for what he did.  EJ is getting what he deserves because he shouldn't get away with kidnapping Sydney.  It's god to see EJ yanked out of the driver's seat for once.

EJ had the gall to get smart with Nicole when she told him that she knew the truth about Sydney's kidnapping.  We were so happy when Nicole proved to him that she did have the proof that he was guilty.  The look on EJ's face when he heard the proof was priceless.

Why did Nicole wait to tell Sami the truth about EJ's scheme?  She should have told Sami what EJ did first or even tell her with EJ there to see it.  Nicole wanted to give EJ a chance to lie his way out of getting caught.

You would think that Daniel would recognize the way that Chloe is acting since she did the same thing when she cheated on Lucas.  Chloe was guilty then and she's acting more guilty now and he still doesn't get it.

Daniel is such a hypocrite.  He told Chloe that she should keep her distance from Philip, but it's okay for him to continue to see Carly.  Daniel knows how Chloe feels about Carly, but he still continues to see her.  Melanie is a married woman now so they have no reason to continue to see each other.

Why is Daniel suddenly so jealous of Chloe spending time with Philip/  She has been around Philip before and he didn't care.  Now he is suddenly jealous of Philip.  Right, Chloe slept with Philip so Daniel is jealous of their relationship.

Wasn't that something how Justin and Adrienne were talking to Bo and Hope at the same time?  Could that be fate?  We will hold on to any hope we can get that Bo and Hope would get back together.

Speaking of Bo, he seemed jealous that Justin wanted to be with Hope if she wants him.  We're sure he wants to stay with Carly for now, but we think that Bo is jealous.  We want to keep having faith that Bo and Hope will reunite.

Abe rented the Salem brain this week. He went to see Hope's doctor because he's having trouble sleeping.  He was smart enough to ask the doctor about the side effects of the sleeping pills.  Hope should have done the same thing.

Nicole had her chance to tell EJ's secret, but she kept stalling and he got the best of her.  EJ managed to make her look like a liar and she still didn't tell the secret.  We will never get a chance to see EJ get caught.

Speaking of Nicole, why wouldn't she tell Brady about EJ's secret?  If she told Brady, he would have been someone else who knew the truth in case EJ doesn't something to her.  She had to wait for the right moment to tell the truth.  She will deserve it if EJ does manage to avoid getting caught since she keeps dragging her feet.

We wish that Hope would mug women just once so she could beat Carly up.  We are so sick and tired of watching Carly act as if she is so high and mighty.  She has no problem parading around with a married man so she would deserve it if something happened to her.

We were applauding Bo when he defended himself against Hope.  Hope tried everything she could to make Bo look like the one in the wrong, but he wasn't having it.  He reminded her that she was the one who walked out on him.  He was right about her.  She knew that too and that's why she was done with their conversation.

Hope is one more person that can be added to the worship Carly club.  Carly practically stole Bo from her, but she doesn't hold her responsible.  If anyone should hate Carly, it's Hope and now she's sucking up to Carly.  It was little consolation that Hope was high on sleeping pills when she said it.  We got it.  The writers love Carly and they want us to love her too by having all of Salem kiss up to her.

Hope practically confessed to Carly that she wanted to kill Bo, but Carly didn't get it.  Hope said she admired Carly for what she did to Lawrence.  That should have been a clue that Hope was going after Bo, but Carly didn't get it.  Does Hope have to stand over Bo's bloody body with a dagger before she gets the message?  Does Carly really want Hope to get him?

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Page updated 6/8/12

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