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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/5/10 7/9/10

Rafe needs to stop talking so much when he wants to eavesdrop on people.  He could have heard what Nicole was talking about if he wanted to confront her.  He definitely has bad timing.

Isn't it something how Madeline keeps popping up in Kate's life now?  We remember when Madeline told Kate to stay away from her, but now she's always in her face.  Guess Madeline will forget about that now that Kate knows her dirty little secret.

What has made Will have a change of heart about Sami?  He actually defended her to Chad when Chad implied that Sami can't make things happen.  Will told Chad how much Sami cares about her kids.  That's good that he was willing to see that, but when did he start feeling that way?  He has been ripping into her for a while so when did he change his mind about her?

It's good that the writers have finally given Shane and Kimberly a chance to rehash all of their problems, but they should have talked about Kayla. He fell in love with Kimberly's sister, but they never even mentioned it.

Brady is starting to lose what's left of his brain.  He defended her to Rafe.  He will fall into Nicole's web of deceit all over again.  He knows what type of person she is so you would think he wouldn't trust her again.

Arianna is really making it easy for Nicole to worm her way back into Brady's life.  Brady tried to work things out with Arianna, but she wasn't having it.  She didn't want to work it out and she gave his ring back to him.  Arianna will deserve it if Nicole succeeds.

Why did Kate and Madeline take the risk and talk about the past in the living room at the mansion?  Kate should have known that anyone could have walked in on them while they were talking.  Will wouldn't have overheard them if they went to Kate's room to talk.

When did Hope have a change of heart about Arianna?  Hope was willing to believe that Arianna was innocent before, but now she is convinced that she's guilty and may go after Bo.  That's ironic considering she is the one who is doing the attacking and wants to target Bo.

Once again Carly tried to be the noble one.  She told Bo that she would "step back" so he can be sure that he wanted the divorce. We don't buy her act because she practically leaped in Bo's arms when he said that Hope wanted the divorce.  Carly knows that Bo wouldn't tell her to "step back" and that is why she made the offer.  Bo may be snowed, but we are not convinced that Carly is a wonderful person.

Can you believe that Hope is actually wiling to let her daughter look like a liar in order to get away with attacking men?  Hope has moments of clarity because she knows what Ciara is doing so she should remember what she's doing.

Justin must really be desperate for some of Hope's loving because he let her kiss him.  She only did it to shut him up about the wallets and he let her do it.  She must deliver a kiss that kills in order for him to let her kiss him.

Should Stefano really be worried that EJ is going to get caught?  EJ never gets caught for anything that he does.  If he were going to get caught, he would have been by now.

Once again Lexie seemed to have an attitude about Stefano wanting to spend more time with Theo.  She should be glad that Stefano wanted to spend time with Theo.

Why did Will fight Chad because he insulted Sami if he was going to give her a hard time again too?  He pretty much insulted her when he found out that she was on the beach with EJ.  Will is turning into a light switch where Sami is concerned.

Chloe may be able to blame Vivian for tricking her into believing that Daniel cheated on her, but she is the reason why she had sex with Philip.  Chloe needs to take responsibility for what she did.

EJ and Stefano talked about EJ's scheme at the wrong time.  Nicole was hiding behind a door and heard them talking.  EJ is getting what he deserves now that Nicole knows what he did to Sami.

Carly doesn't know who to defend.  She was judging Chloe for what she did to Daniel, but she tried to defend her to Kate.  Carly needs to mind her business.

We finally have a reason to cheer for Nicole.  She told EJ how she knows that he paid Anna to kidnap Sydney.  We hope that it will only be a matter of time before someone else finds out.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/8/12

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