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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/28/10 7/2/10

It's about time that Rafe made it back to Salem.  He has been gone for months and he finally reunited with Sami.  Hopefully he and Sami will be getting back together again.

We were on the same page as Ciara when she told Hope that she wished Alice could help her parents get back together.  We are hoping that Bo and Hope get back together soon too.  They have been apart long enough and it's time for them to get back together.

Kayla was the only one in a while who tried to get Hope to realize that she should work on saving her marriage. Kayla let her know that Bo went to the funeral and didn't bring Carly.  Why is Hope being so difficult about it?  She knows she loves Bo so she should listen to Kayla and fight for her marriage.

Leave it to Roman to bring up the muggings while everyone was at Alice's house to mourn their loss.  He could have waited to bring that up especially since he was the reason why Hope got mad at Bo again.  Roman has the worst timing in the world.

Rafe was completely right when he questioned why Sami was still staying at the DiMera mansion.  He knows that Sami has feelings for EJ even though she won't admit it to herself.  Luckily she still has feelings for Rafe too since they had a hot smooch.

Kimberly should consider getting acting lessons again.  Her acting was really over the top when she told Shane to leave Bo's house.  She was screaming at him as if she lost a family member or something.  Her performance ruined the scenes with Shane.

Philip needs to stop acting so guilty because Melanie will eventually figure out that he stepped out on her. He is practically wearing a sign that he did something wrong.  Melanie is ditzy, but it won't take long for her to realize that he cheated on her.

Isn't it strange that Arianna's mother hasn't shown up to be there for her while she is in jail?  You would think that she would be there for Arianna since she's in jail.  What mother would stay away while her daughter rots away in jail?

It's too bad that Rafe told Stefano and EJ that Anna escaped.  He might have been able to trick EJ into confessing if he let them think that Anna told him who she helped kidnap Sydney.

Stephanie mentioned to Kayla that Philip does bad things to people.  Stephanie brought up Pocket to Kayla.  Stephanie wasn't worried about what Philip did to her parents when she wanted to marry him.

Once again Carly was being a hypocrite.  She cheated on Lawrence and deprived Daniel of being a father, but she told Chloe that she was wrong to do that to Daniel.  Did she forget that she did the same thing to Lawrence and Daniel.  Right, Carly is never wrong for what she did to Lawrence and Daniel.  There is always an excuse for why Saint Carly is let off the hook for what she does.

We know that the writers have themselves convinced that we are all Ejami (EJ and Sami) fans and would enjoy watching him confess his feelings for her.  We are not fans of them as a couple so we didn't enjoy it.  Are we supposed to forget what EJ has done to Sami just because he loves her?  Was he in love with her when he let her think that Sydney was dead?  What about during the other times he hurt her?  We are not buying EJ's feelings for her since we aren't fooled into thinking that he is a great guy.

Why is Pocket suddenly being mentioned again after all of this time?  No one said anything about him until this week.  Is this foreshadowing that Pocket is going to be written back into the show?  Does it mean that Philip is the father of Chloe's baby?

Leave it to Melanie to make Philip giving Pocket away her moment.  He gave her what she wanted and explained about Pocket, but she was worried about herself.  She mentioned what happened to her in the past.  She couldn't let Philip talk about Pocket without bringing up what happened during her childhood because she was adopted.

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Page updated 6/8/12

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