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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/21/10 6/25/10

It was good to see Lucas again.  It is a painful reminder that the writers made a mistake by letting him go just so Sami and EJ could get closer to each other.

We want to thank he writers for giving Lumi fans an unexpected treat.  Lucas and Sami actually had a friendly conversation.  they talked about Alice and it was great to see that.  Bryan Datillo and Alison Sweeney still work well together and it's really a shame that he is not going to be staying on the show.

Chloe had no intention of telling Daniel the truth about her affair.  She continued to find different reasons to avoid telling him.  She wanted to rush the wedding so she wouldn't have to tell Daniel the truth.

What makes Chloe so sure that Daniel won't leave her just because they would be married?  Lucas left her when he found out that she cheated with Daniel.  Lucas and Chloe were married and he still left her so Daniel may do the same thing.

It took Kayla a long time to finally see Caroline.  What took her so long to see Caroline since Stephanie managed to go to Alice's house after she spoke to her.  Did Kayla have second thoughts about seeing her?

Melanie is getting like Carly.  She kept judging Chloe for wanting to marry Daniel so fast.  Chloe and Daniel's relationship is none of her business.  Melanie doesn't know what Chloe did so why does she continue to judge Chloe so much?

After what Chloe and Daniel did to Lucas, you would think that Philip wouldn't want to go to their wedding.  Why is it that no one in Lucas' family ever shows any loyalty to him?  Daniel and Chloe betrayed him by having by having an affair and now they are getting married.  Lucas should be the first to congratulate them. NOT!

Sami had a lot of nerve acting as if she had a right to get an attitude with Carrie.  Sami was the one who continued to stab Carrie in the back so she should have been glad that Carrie wanted to talk to her about her love life.

Brady deserves a medal to still be able to think that Arianna is innocent.  He is just as persistent in proving her innocence now as he was when they were still together.  We doubt that she would have done the same thing if the shoe were on the other foot.

If we didn't see it, we might not have believed it.  Carrie and Sami actually apologized to each other for everything they've done to each other.  It was a long time coming.  It was about time that they finally buried the hatchet.

Was anyone really surprised that Chloe is pregnant?  The writers have foreshadowed it enough by showing flashbacks of Phloe's one night stand so we aren't surprised that she's pregnant.  It's weird that that Chloe didn't realize that she is pregnant.

Arianna came to her senses and realized that she was wrong to doubt Brady.  She finally apologized to him for doubting that he was set up.  It's good for her that she did that since Brady had told Nicole that they were over.  Nicole would have jumped on that opportunity if Arianna didn't apologize to Brady.

Sami made a threat that she was going to get Anna with Carrie in front of her.  We weren't buying Sami's empty threat because she is not going to do anything.  She will be in bed with the person who let her think that Sydney died before she gets a clue about what's going on around her.

Abe took the time to go to the Horton house to offer his condolences to the family. Caroline was supposed to be a good friend to Alice, but she hasn't been there at all.

Why did Hope have to worry about her marriage to Bo while she's grieving for Alice?  She could have put her problems on the back burner and put Alice first.  Right, that's not how our Hope operates.  She usually thinks about herself first before she thinks about anyone else.

Once again Bo can't get the support from his family that he deserves.  Kayla jumped all over Bo for being with Carly.  She is Bo's sister, but she defended Hope.  We understand that Kayla thinks that Bo belongs with Hope (we believe it too), but it's not her place to tell Bo that he shouldn't be with Carly.

Carrie was being such a hypocrite.  She told Sami how she had to make a decision about EJ and Rafe.  Did Carrie forget what she did to Austin and Lucas when she cheated on both of them?  If Carrie had taken her own advice, maybe she wouldn't have had to cheat on them.

The service for Alice made up for the buildup for her death.  It was sad to see everybody giving speeches and putting roses on her casket. The writers gave Alice a proper send off and we give them an A for effort. 

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/8/12

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