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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/7/10 6/11/10

Are the writers considering putting EJ with Arianna?  It just seemed strange that he decided to help a woman who is accused of attacking him.  We don't have a problem with that because he will be away from Sami.

Stephanie is really pathetic.  She told Nathan that she lost her birth control pills and was afraid of telling Nathan.  If that were true, then she could have gone to her doctor and got more pills.

Chloe needed to make up her mind about wanting Carly out of the picture.  One minute she wanted to kill Carly and the next she changed her mind.  Chloe wanted to go through with it so it was too late for her to try and back out of it.

Brady is not helping Arianna's case.  he took Nicole to the pub and she made sure that D.A. Woods heard her tell Brady to date a check for the night of the attack.  It's too bad that Brady didn't think to take her somewhere private to talk.  He knew they were talking about Arianna's case so they should have gone somewhere private.

Did Chloe get what she deserved when she was caught on the elevator instead of Carly?  Chloe should have said something about the elevator being broken.  Carly didn't have to be the one who got on the elevator.  Anyone could have been seriously hurt or killed on the elevator.

Gabi should have let Brady explain why he was hugging Nicole.  We know that she was concerned, but she didn't get all of the facts before she went off on him. She just assumed that he didn't care about Arianna because he was hugging Nicole.  Gabi acted as if Brady kissed Nicole.

We enjoyed watching Victor and Vivian's scenes on Tuesday. it would be nice to see their storyline instead of EJ and Sami's being shoved down our throats.  We wouldn't mind seeing Victor and Vivian in a triangle with Maggie.

Brady told Arianna how he was with Nicole when Gabi saw him.  We were pleasantly surprised that he actually told Arianna the truth.  We weren't sure he would have done that.

Sami is really being dumbed down in her story.  She knows everything that EJ has done, but she still kissed him.  What are the writers doing with her character because she is getting destroyed little by little.

The writers have finally started preparing for Alice's storyline.  We know it's going to be really sad to watch.  We think that it is great that the writers have decided to bring the other Hortons back for this storyline.

It was cute to see Ciara and Theo spend time together at Bo's house.  Ciara told Theo about how she saw Hope hugging someone and how her "treasures" were gone.

We felt as if we were both slapped when Bo told Abe that his marriage to Hope is over.  We don't want to give up on Bo and Hope being together, but it's getting harder to do.  We could scratch Hope's eyes out for pushing Bo away and now that he's with Carly, it may be too late for them.

We weep for the future of Days when this set of teens take over the show.  Will, Chad, T, Gabi, and Kinsey are the worst set of teens the show has ever had.  Will, Chad, and T's scenes were painful to watch. They were talking about Kate and Madeline and we enjoyed going to the DMV more than those scenes.

Hope went to Bo to tell him about Alice.  We know that we feel like our hope is slipping away for them reuniting, but we were happy to see them hug each other. We know that it was because Alice is dying, but we'll take whatever moments we can get.

Jennifer came back to Salem to be there for Alice.  It was good to see Jennifer back on the show again.  It's too bad that she's not staying longer.

We had a glimmer of hope when Bo wanted Hope to stay at the house when Carly saw them hugging. Carly also couldn't wait to interrupt them while they were hugging. Maybe she senses that Bo still loves Hope and she's getting jealous.

Isn't it something how Alice's family cares about what's happening to her now that her health is failing?  If they spent more time with her, then they would have known that her health was taking a turn for the worst.

Bo mentioned Shawn Douglas this week.  Bo wanted to call him and let him know what happened to Alice.  It's about time someone mentioned Shawn Douglas.  You could easily forget that he was on the show once.

EJ deserves the hypocrite of the year award.  He had the gall to tell Nicole that she was going to go back to prison where she belongs.  Did he forget that he deserves to go to jail too?

Hope actually told Jennifer that the divorce wasn't Bo's fault.  She told Jennifer how she was the one who wanted to get the divorce.  We were surprised that she took responsibility for why they are getting divorced. Good for you, Hope.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/8/12

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