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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/31/10 6/4/10

Were Brady and Roman the only people attacked and mugged?  It's as if the others weren't attacked at all.  There is n evidence that Arianna hit the others, but the police are only focusing on what happened to Brady and Roman.

Could Carly be getting what she deserves?  She saw Bo and Hope talking and she didn't like it.  She inched her way closer to them so she could hear what they were saying.

Maggie has no loyalty at all.  She was glad that Daniel and Chloe were together.  Did Maggie forget what Chloe did to Lucas?  Chloe's infidelity was the reason why Lucas fell off the wagon, but Maggie was happy for them.  She really does know how to be loyal to her family.  She always roots for the people who betray her family.  We know that Maggie is supposed to love everybody, but that is ridiculous.

Does EJ have an agenda?  Why would he want to represent Arianna?  She might have been the one who attacked him plus she is Rafe's sister.  Does he want to make sure that Arianna goes to jail?

Carly had the gall to criticize Chloe once again because of her past.  Who is Carly to judge Chloe for cheating when she cheated on Lawrence and she is having an affair with Hope's husband?  Chloe is a sex maniac (just kidding), but Carly doesn't have a right to judge Chloe for her actions.

Arianna continued to push Brady away.  How many times does he have to tell her that he believes her before she gets the message?  She keeps harping on how she saw his face and how he doesn't believe her.  She is making it so easy for Nicole to get him back.

If Ciara wanted Bo to believe her about Hope's "treasure" then why would she take the wallets and hide them in her book bag?  You would think that she would have left them in the box so Bo would find them.

Bo and Hope had another warm moment.  He was talking to her about a book that she was taking a while to finish.  It was a touching moment and it gives us a glimmer of hope (no pun intended).  It's good to see them be friendly to each other.

Wasn't that convenient Caroline showed up just when Ciara was about to show Bo her treasures?  It was also convenient that Ciara had one thousand pockets on her bag so he couldn't find the wallets right away.

Caroline seemed jealous that Victor married Vivian.  She was so upset about it as if she wanted to be with him.  She will deny her feelings, but she was too mad about his marriage to not care about him.

Is anyone else getting sick of Melanie judging Chloe?  She doesn't know what Chloe did to her and Daniel so she has no reason to judge her.

Do the writers want to get rid of Chloe?  Why would they have her be willing to help Vivian get rid of Carly? The only thing that will come of Vivian's plan to kill Carly is that Chloe will go to jail.

Speaking of Chloe, why would she want tog et married without her parents there?  Daniel asked Philip to walk her down the aisle, but Craig could have done that.  Right, it was obvious that Daniel asked Philip to walk Chloe down the aisle because of their affair.

Is Hope becoming the new Nicole or even EJ?  She was afraid that Ciara was going to show Bo the wallets, but Dr. Baker set off a car alarm and that kept Bo from seeing them.  If that weren't enough, Caroline conveniently called Ciara into the kitchen and that gave Hope a chance to get the wallets.  That's how Nicole or EJ would get away with their schemes.

It was too easy for Hope to get into the house to take the wallets.  She didn't have to use her key to get in the house.  Bo is a cop so he should have better security that that.

Why does Ciara have to keep calling the wallets her "treasure"?  She should tell Bo that she found the wallets under Hope's bed.  Bo would probably believe her.

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Page updated 6/8/12

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