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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/24/10 5/28/10

Sami obviously doesn't miss Rafe as much as we're supposed to believe.  She couldn't wait to kiss EJ just because he told Stefano not to corrupt Will. That was some reward.  Luckily Stefano interrupted them before they could kiss longer.

Arianna should have told Brady the truth about her past.  She was involved in a gang and she was arrested for assault and robbery.  He had to find out through Hope.  She was lucky that Brady was understanding about her secret.

Did Nicole have a brain fart?  She told Dr. Baker that he and his partner had to stop the muggings so that Arianna could look guilty.  She must have forgotten that Dr. Baker was working with someone before she threatened him.  He was not going to stop the muggings for her when he has to deal with psycho Hope.

Rafe was arrested as a "person of interest" in Anna's poisoning.  Rafe is having a hard time getting the truth. Now that he is in jail, it's really going to be hard for him to find out what happened.  It's not hard to know who was the reason why Rafe was arrested.  We're looking at you, Stefano.

Sami revealed who she really wants.  She wants to be with Rafe.  She wants to be with Rafe.  She dreamed about Rafe.  Is she going to dream about Rafe while she puts her mouth on EJ?  She proved that she missed Rafe when she kissed EJ.  Maybe she felt guilty for kissing EJ and that's why she dreamed about Rafe.

Chloe should have told Philip that she planned on telling Daniel about their affair.  Philip had a right to know that she was going to say something.  That way he could tell Melanie the truth before she had to find out through someone else.

Melanie ripped into Nicole because she thought Nicole was trying to go after Arianna.  Melanie was right, but she is no one to judge Nicole when she is not perfect.  Did she forget about the things that she has done in the past?

We enjoy when we get Bo/Hope moments.  Bo and Hope work so well together so we are grateful that Bo's scenes with Carly were cut short so we could see him with Hope.  We hope that we continue to see them in scenes together.  Maybe the writers will remember that they are the ones who should be together.

Chloe had no intention of telling Daniel about her affair.  She kept dancing around the truth by saying that she wasn't good enough for Daniel or that everything is her fault.  That is not the same thing as telling him what she did to him.

Hope told Arianna that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."  That comment disturbed us.  That statement is true, but it seems that the writers are going to use that as a way to justify Hope's actions.  We know she doesn't like how Bo stopped groveling for her forgiveness and moved on with his life, but she wasn't a woman scorned.  She set everything in motion by leaving Bo in the first place.  The writers are using this retcon (rewriting history) to try and put the blame on Bo for why she's attacking people.

Are Chloe and Philip still lusting after each other?  They keep thinking about being together.  They must have enjoyed being together because they think about it every time they are shown.

Since Carly is a murderer, is she really the one who should tell Chloe that she should tell Daniel about her affair?  She should confess to what she did to Lawrence.  The last time we checked, infidelity is not a crime, but murder is one.

Kate gave Sami the riot act for having so many children.  Did she forget that she has six kids?  Sami is not the only one who is just a woman with a lot of kids.

It was funny to see all of Victor's ex-wives and Vivian posing for a picture together.  Until Nicole suggested that they all posed together, we didn't realize that they were all in the same room.

We didn't expect Maggie to feel sympathy for Vivian because of the way Victor treated her during the wedding.  Maggie let him know that Victor went out of his way to ruin Vivian's happiness.  Maggie was right.  Victor was the one who wanted to marry Vivian yet he was acting like a spoiled kid once they got married.

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Page updated 6/8/12

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