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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/10/10 Ė 5/14/10

Sami and EJ had an audience when they almost kissed.  Will walked in on them.  Maybe they should have gone in a different room instead of being out in the open. 

Calliope was so obvious that she was pumping Anna about the kidnapping.  She may as well have told her that Rafe made her question her.  She should have told Anna something about herself to balance out the questions she asked her.

Will asked Sami the million-dollar question.  He wanted to know if she ever loved Rafe or does she always have to have a man around?  Since she bounces from man to man so fast, Willís concern was logical.  We know Rafe pushed her away, but she didnít have to move on with EJ so fast.

Is Arianna that insecure about her relationship with Brady that she had to nag him about Nicole right after he got hit in the head?  He probably had a splitting headache and didnít need to deal with her insecurities.

We wonder if thereís going to be a triangle with Victor, Maggie, and Vivian.  Vivian was jealous of Victor being around Maggie.  Victor was visiting Maggie at the hospital when Vivian walked in on them.  Vivian was less than pleased at seeing them together.  It would be interesting to see if the writers are going to go down that route with the three of them.

Hope told Carly that she didnít blame her for losing Bo.  She claimed she knew who to blame.  Carly looked at her as if she were crazy.  We still have a feeling that Bo is going to be one of her victims.

Chloe loves creating drama for herself.  Carly has not done anything to Chloe to make her think sheís going to destroy her.  She was complaining to Vivian about Carly trying to ruin her life.  Maybe Chloe should have seen the psychiatrist after all.

Nicole threatened Dr. Baker.  She wanted him to frame Arianna for the muggings.  When he refused, she threatened to expose him on her show.  Nicole must really want Arianna away from Brady.

Daniel wasnít back at the hospital that long and he already lost a patient.  Maybe he went back to the hospital too fast.  He should have taken more time off.

Itís amazing how Mia always uses Grace as a way to get to Chad.  She threw Grace up in his face when he told her about going to college.  She just knew that he would cave and do what she wanted by mentioning Grace.

EJ told Sami that it wouldnít be easy to do something other than run DiMera Enterprise or whatever the companyís name is.  Did he forget that he used to practice law?  He could be a lawyer again instead of running Stefano business.

If Chloe wanted to tell Daniel about her affair, she would have told him.  She didnít have to let him blame himself for why she opened up to Philip.  She really is a piece of work.

Anna found the wire that Calliope had in a flower.  Rafe put the wire in a flower on Calliopeís belt.  Luckily, Calliope got out of telling her who gave her the wire.  Anna tried to run away, but she wasnít fast enough.  Rafe found her and stopped her from leaving.  Unfortunately, Calliope ended up going to jail since Anna wouldnít tell who she was working with to kidnap Sydney.

Did Nicole and Chloe end their friendship?  Nicole implied to Brady that she didnít have friends.  Did they have a falling out or something?  Besides Brady, Chloe is the only one who has anything to do with her.

Will verbally punched Sami when he told her that he hated her.  He was upset with her for being with EJ.  We understand his anger, but telling her that he hates her was too much. No matter how mad we are/were at our mother, we would never say that to her.

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Page updated 6/8/12

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