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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/3/10 5/7/10

Chloe was looking for someone to blame when she blamed the hotel clerk for why she thought Daniel and Carly had an affair.  She was the one who jumped to that conclusion. He didn't make her think it.  When that wasn't enough, she blamed Carly.  No one told Chloe to have sex with Philip.  She's the one who chose to be with him.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Nicole that Brady doesn't want to be her errand boy anymore?  She was the one who was with EJ.  Now that she's by herself, he's supposed to dump Arianna and be with her.

It was weird that Brady threw Nicole out of the mansion instead of giving in to her temptation. It was nice to see him stand up to her for a change instead of defending her every 20 minutes.

What is the point of Adrienne being on the show?  Her only purpose seems to be listening to Stephanie's problems.  If that's all the writers are going to do with her, they may as well write her off the show.

If we thought Stephanie was pathetic before, her actions this week take the cake.  She decided to throw out her birth control pills.  Does she think Nathan is going to want to be with her just because they had a baby?  This is 2010 not 1950.  Nathan doesn't have to stay with her because of a baby.  A baby is also not going to make Nathan forget about Melanie.

The writers remembered history again with Nicole's past.  Gabi told Nicole about her last name being "Mendez".  That was an out of the blue way of reminding the audience that Paul Mendez is her father.  New viewers may not know that about Nicole.

It was ironic for St. Chloe to think that Daniel would cheat on her with Carly when she cheated with Philip.  We couldn't believe she would think that about Daniel knowing what she did.  We were waiting for him to throw up in her face that she cheated on Lucas so she would have no nerve to think that about him.  It would have been so funny and a great reminder about what she did to Lucas.

Hope tried to change her MO with Brady's attack.  She branded him on his chest with a symbol.  She is really staying ahead of the Keystone Kapers known as the Salem P.D. She even managed to make it look as if Nicole caused the attacks.  Now the police think Nicole could be the one involved in the attacks.  This was just another attempt by the writers to make this story about Nicole.  This was supposed to be a story about Hope, not Nicole.

The writers flashed back to an old scene with Anna and Calliope.  We didn't see it the first time around so it was good to see.

EJ was in no position to bark at Stefano about Anna not being found.  It doesn't affect Stefano one way or the other since he wasn't the one who pretended to kidnap Sydney.  EJ was the one who came up with that "brilliant" plan all on his own.  If anyone should be worried, it should be EJ.

When did Chad and Will become best friends?  It wasn't that long ago when they didn't like each other.  Now Chad is upset that Madeline doesn't want him to hang around Will.  Who would have seen that coming?

Rafe is a man of many tricks.  He was able to blackmail Calliope in to helping him get Anna.  He knew that she and Eugene were having tax problems and used that info to get her to help him. She protested at first, but the thought of her and Eugene going down was the clincher Rafe needed to get her help.  We didn't know that Rafe knew Calliope.

Shameless plug alert: Arianna conveniently had cramps and needed to take Midol for it.

Why does Rafe care more about Sydney's kidnapper than Sami?  You would think that Sami would be just as determined as Rafe to find Anna since her daughter was the one who was kidnapped.  To see the way Sami acts, you would never know Sydney was kidnapped.

Why did it matter to Melanie if Nathan and Stephanie were kissing?  She said she was over Nathan so he should be able to kiss Stephanie whenever he wants.

Sami was making a big deal about the kiss she and EJ had.  She kept harping on it as if she loved the kiss or something.  It was convenient how EJ didn't remember the kiss since he remembered other things that happened.

It was annoying hearing Calliope constantly screaming in her scenes.  She acted as if Anna and Rafe were in another room when she spoke to them.  We almost had to turn the volume down because she was so loud.  We don't remember her shouting through her scenes when she was on the show the last time.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/8/12

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