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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/26/10 4/30/10

Why did Gus care if Vivian used Chloe to get Carly?  Gus should know how crazy Vivian is by now. Did it really seem out of character for Vivian to use somebody else to do her dirty work?

Melanie keeps rewriting the kiss she and Nathan had.  She made it seem as if Nathan kissed her and she did nothing.  She kissed him back.  Just because she stopped the kiss that doesn't mean she didn't kiss him too.

Speaking of Melanie, it was convenient how she said that physical adultery was worse than Nathan kissing her.  Saying that made it impossible for Philip to tell her what he did.  It was also convenient how she kept interrupting him whenever he tried to tell her what he did.

How convenient was it that Johnny is suddenly acting out?  He has never wanted his daddy so much before, but now that EJ wants Sami to move in the mansion, Johnny is acting out because of going back and forth from the mansion to her house.  That was a convenient plot device to get Sami in the mansion.  It was as if Stefano or EJ got him to act out.  Why isn't Allie acting out?  She was being shuffled between Sami and Lucas' house too.

Hope revealed something to Dr. Baker.  She wants to attack all men.  She wants to get the men who deserve it.  She already attacked EJ, and most likely the others who were attacked.  We wonder who she's going to go after next.  We have a feeling that it's going to be Bo.  If he's not next, she will most likely get him eventually.

How pathetic is Stephanie?  She knows that Nathan has feelings for Melanie yet she still keeps going out with him.  She also acts as if she's Cinderella at the ball with her prince when she goes out with him.  He looks as if he's bored with her, but she never sees it.

Sami and EJ kissed. After Sami gave EJ CPR, he acted groggy.  When she wanted to take him to the hospital, they ended up kissing.  Actually it looked as if she kissed him first.  When we first heard that they were going to kiss, we thought it would have been under different circumstances.  We didn't think it would have been like that.  We don't want to see EJ and Sami together so it didn't bother us that their kiss happened this way.

You would think that Chloe would be better at covering up an affair since she's an expert.  She and Philip were out in public talking about their affair.  They didn't want anyone to know about the affair.  Why talk in public if you don't want anyone to know about it?

Isn't it ironic that Hope is the one who is solving the case of the mugger especially since she's the mugger?  It is a different twist by the writers to make her be the mugger and have her solve the case.

Thumbs up to the writers for having Julie remind the audience that Julie used to shoplift.  We weren't watching the show during that time, but we read that Julie used to shoplift to get her parents' attention. Since Ciara is stealing, that was the perfect time for Julie to mention when she used to shoplift.

Lexie was the hypocrite of Salem when she judged Nicole for passing Sydney off as her baby.  It wasn't that long ago when she did the same thing to Hope.  She kept Zack from Hope when she found out that he wasn't her son.  Nicole should have reminded her of that instead of throwing her affair with Brandon in her face.

Sami must need a brick to hit her in the head before she realizes that Rafe is right about EJ and Stefano. He tried to tell her that Stefano didn't think she was suitable to raise her kids, but she still tried to defend them.  She always has to learn things the hard way.

While we're on the subject of Rafe, what does it matter to him if EJ is interested in Sami?  He's the one who chose to break up with her so it is really none of his business if EJ is interested in her.

Madeline's threats must have gotten to Kate because she ended up seeing blood on her hands.  Maybe Kate killed a John and Madeline saw her do it.

Chloe should feel a sense of deja vu that another Horton knows about her affair.  Maggie knew when she cheated on Lucas and now Nathan knows that Chloe cheated on Daniel.  Nathan was no one to judge Chloe since he kissed another woman.

Why was Sami so obsessed with moving into the DiMera mansion?  Her logic is because she and EJ have kids together, they should live together.  If that were true, why didn't she live with Lucas before he went to China? They have two children together but she didn't want to live with him.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/8/12

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