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2010 Our Opinion!

4/19/10 – 4/23/10

Sami loves to push her luck.  Stefano tried to be cordial to her and thank her for letting him see his grandchildren, but Sami wouldn't have it.  She had to get smart with him and remind him how much she hates him.  She could have pretended to call a truce with him just so he wouldn't do anything to her or her kids.  Sometimes she asks for bad things to happen to her.  This is definitely one of those times.

Hope had it coming when Adrienne ripped her a new one about Justin.  Hope is constantly acting as if she's an innocent friend just trying to help Adrienne and Justin get back together.  She's really no different from Carly.  Hope may as well tell Adrienne that she has feelings for Justin.

Why would Kate give Stefano a drink?  She knows that he is a diabetic and can't drink, yet she handed him a drink.  Maybe she's trying to bump him off.

Vivian overheard Chloe and Nicole talking about Carly.  It gave Vivian the idea that she could have an ally when it concerns to Carly.

Abe was attacked and mugged.  He was attacked the same way Charles Woods and Justin were attacked.  They also heal fast since neither one of them had their bandage on their heads anymore.  

Nicole gave Chloe advice on Carly as if she's an expert on Carly.  She warned Chloe that Carly would steal Daniel from her.  Nicole barely knows Carly so how would she know if Carly would take Daniel from Chloe?

We were too through with Chloe when she told Daniel that Carly was a wh*re who sleeps with other women's men.  Seeing as she cheated on Lucas to be with Daniel, she wasn't in a position to judge Carly.  What would you call a women who cheats on her fiancé?

We wanted to throw up at the writers' attempt to make EJ father of the year.  Being a "good" father to Johnny and Sydney does not erase the fact that he made Sami think that Sydney was dead.

Philip got an eyeful when he saw Melanie and Nathan kissing.  Melanie finally told Nathan the truth about the over mentioned letter.  When she told him that she would have been with him instead of Philip, he kissed her.  What Melanie didn't know was that Philip was outside watching them.  Philip didn't stay to watch the whole show. She broke off the kiss to tell Nathan it was a goodbye kiss.  It was too late because the damage was done.

EJ tried to talk Sami into moving in the mansion.  She predictably turned him down.  She thought there was nothing EJ could say to get her to change her mind.  You would think that she would have considered the idea since Will lives there too.  It would have given her a chance to see him and keep an eye on Stefano.

We remember earlier in the week when Chloe called Carly a wh*re.  Well Chloe proved again that she is a hypocrite.  She had drunken sex with Philip.  To make the situation even worse, she had sex in the special spot where she first had sex with Daniel.  She could have had sex with him somewhere else.  She didn't have to have sex in Daniel's apartment.  Guess Carly isn't the only wh*re in Salem.

EJ got attacked this week after he ran into Dr. Baker.  Hope hit him in the back of the head with a gun. We can't say that we were upset by that attack. LOL! Anyway, Dr. Baker was afraid that EJ would think he were involved in the attack.  Hope thought they should fix the problem.  Hope is acting really strange.  There are spoilers that explain her behavior, but we won't get into them this week.  Maybe we'll talk about them next week.

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Page updated 6/8/12

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