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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/12/10 4/16/10

Hope only had herself to blame that she lost Bo to Carly.  If she didn't leave him over Ciara's kidnapping, Carly wouldn't have gotten her claws in Bo.  When Hope and Carly had their confrontation over Bo, Hope told Carly that she wouldn't have stood a chance with Bo if they weren't separated.  It's too bad Hope didn't think twice about the separation.  If she did, she would still be with Bo.  As much as we can't stand seeing Carly with Bo, Hope can't put all of the blame on her for why she's not with Bo.

Thumbs up to the writers for remembering that Hope had a relationship with Patrick.  Carly reminded Hope that she was with Patrick while she and Bo were having problems.  Bo isn't the only one who runs when things go wrong.

The writers remembered that Nicole tried to come between Chloe and Brady when they were together.  It's weird to think that Nicole and Chloe could be best friends after what they went through.

Brady was no one to tell Sami that EJ will never change.  He is willing to forgive Nicole after everything she was done so he should be able to understand why she's crazy enough to give EJ the benefit of the doubt.

We think Hope might be suffering from an illness.  She was complaining about a headache.  We know what headaches mean on soap operas.  Vivian is the only one who can have a headache and it lead to nothing.  Now that Hope is having them, it will only be a matter of time before her diagnosis will be revealed.

When did Stephanie get ownership in the hospital?  She told Melanie that it wasn't a good idea for her to be in the nursing program.  We didn't realize that Stephanie ran the hospital.  If Melanie wanted to be back in the program, it was none of her business.

EJ must be losing his so-called edge if he thought that Stefano wouldn't have wanted something in return in order t keep his silence about Sydney's kidnapping.  If the shoe were on the other foot, EJ would have done the same thing to Stefano.

What's going on with Kate and Madeline (Chad's mother)?  They looked at each other as if they either knew each other or can't stand each other.  Maybe they share a secret past or something.  Maybe Madeline's husband was one of Kate's johns.

Melanie proved that she hasn't changed despite the way the writers beat us over the head with the fact that she's changed.  She had the chance to say something about the letter she wrote, but she lied about it.  That just showed that she's no different from the way she was before.

When did Adrienne get a place in Salem?  She was living out of the country before she came back yet she suddenly has a place for her and Carly to live.  How convenient for Carly that Adrienne had room for her?

Chloe makes everything about her.  When Daniel told her that Carly was staying with Adrienne, Chloe made it about her.  She wanted Carly gone, but she whined about it being her fault that Carly left.  She should have been satisfied that Carly was gone.

Stephanie must really be hard up for a man.  She went to be with Nathan even knowing that he still has feelings for Melanie.  Sleeping with Nathan was the last thing she should have done.  We doubt that Nathan is that great that Stephanie was willing to sleep with him no matter what.

EJ can't have things both ways.  He wants Stefano to keep his secret from Sami, but he doesn't want to do what he's supposed to do to keep Stefano's silence.  The ball is no longer in his court so EJ has to do what Stefano wants.

Maybe Nathan should consider giving up being a doctor.  He lost another patient this week and all he did was talk to her.  That is one for the record books.  

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/8/12

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