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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/5/10 4/9/10

We know that Stefano can do anything, but how did he make it to Santo Domingo when there was supposed to be a storm?  There was a huge storm in Santo Domingo which was why Brady, Arianna, and Nicole had to leave yet he was able to get there without a problem.

Sami must really be snowed by EJ.  EJ is not hiding the fact that he loves her, but she doesn't see it.  He is practically wearing a sign, but she can't see it.

Nicole is so full of herself.  She thought that she could get Brady just because she's out of prison.  If Brady ever grew a backbone, he could stand up to her and tell her that he doesn't love her.  As long as he's very good not to say that, she's going to think that he wants to be with her instead of Arianna.

Anna told Stefano that EJ was the one who set up Sydney's kidnapping.  He didn't believe her at first.  You would think that Stefano wouldn't have had trouble believing her since EJ isn't the person he used to be.  Anna had to prove it to him by playing him taped messages of their phone calls.  Once she played the message, he had no choice but to believe it.  It was a good thing she kept her phone or else Anna would have been a dead woman.

Sami got and earful when Will put her in her place.  Sami made the mistake of calling him irresponsible for letting Nicole hear Sydney and he went off.  He yelled at her and blamed her for why Nicole took the baby in the first place.  He was right.  If she didn't lie about being pregnant, Nicole wouldn't have been able to get Sydney.  Sami shouldn't have opened her mouth about him letting Nicole see Sydney and the argument wouldn't have happened.

The writers re-wrote Bo and Carly's history.  Carly willingly dumped Bo to be with Lawrence, but the writers made it seem as if they broke up because Hope came back to Salem.  They also forgot that Bo was with Billie in the time that he and Carly were apart.

Daniel shouldn't have been back at the hospital.  He has double vision so the last thing he should have been doing was working at the hospital.  What is going to happen if he messed up a patient?

The writers managed to find a way to write off Bo.  He is going to LA to give Kimberly bone marrow.  He is conveniently the only match for her.  Guess the writers had to come up with something to get rid of Bo.  It's too bad Bo didn't get a goodbye scene with Hope. At least he got the chance to say goodbye to Ciara.

EJ had the nerve to be cocky when Stefano confronted him about setting up Sydney's kidnapping.  He took for granted that Stefano wasn't going to sell him out.  It's too bad Stefano didn't tell everyone about what EJ did.  We loved the look on EJ's face when he played Anna's confession.  Stefano could have bought him for a quarter when Anna said EJ paid her to help kidnap Sydney.

Why wasn't Roman in LA with Kimberly?  You would think that he would go and check on her.  He doesn't really have anything keeping him in Salem so he could have checked on Kimberly.

Is it going to take a brick for Sami to realize that EJ is not a good guy?  Will and Roman tried to warn her that EJ is up to something, but she still tried to defend him.  It is going to be a fall from grace when she finds out what he did.

EJ gave Stefano no reason to keep his dirty little secret when he said that Stefano wasn't his father.  If we were Stefano, we would have sold him out.  We wouldn't have given EJ a chance to say something smart.  EJ just loves to push his luck with Stefano.

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Page updated 6/8/12

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