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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/29/10 4/2/10

Hope should be ore concerned with saving her own marriage instead of trying to save Justin and Adrienne's.  She knows that Justin is in love with her so why would she think that Justin and Adrienne would get back together?

Philip and Chloe had another moment together.  Maybe the writers are trying to reunite them.  It would be better to see Philip and Chloe together instead of Philip/Melanie and Chloe/Daniel.

Who would Hope be to give advice to Adrienne about saving her marriage? Hope should have tried harder to save her own marriage and maybe Bo wouldn't be with Carly.

Daniel must be a saint to want to talk Melanie into forgiving Carly.  Carly lied to him for years and would have told him about Melanie if she didn't shoot her, but he wanted Melanie to forgive Carly.

Daniel has a lawsuit on his hands.  He slipped on ice and hit his head in front of the Brady Pub.  You would think there would have been a sing out warning people about the ice on the ground.  Someone in the pub should have made sure the ice was off the ground.  Daniel may not be the only on who falls on the ice.

Sami shouldn't have badmouthed Rafe to EJ.  She knows EJ doesn't like Rafe so she should have confided her situation with Rafe to someone else.

How many hints does Carly need to leave Melanie alone?  Whenever Carly tried to "help", it blows up in her face.  After she helped Melanie put her necklace on, she stuck her foot in her mouth by telling Melanie that it wasn't her fault that Daniel was hurt.  Melanie flipped out on her because she thought Carly blamed her for what happened to Daniel.  Carly should have left well enough alone and stayed away from Melanie.  She will never learn her lesson.

EJ revealed the worst kept secret on Days.  He revealed that he is in love with Sami.  Who in the world didn't know that?  We hope the writers don't think EJ's love for Sami will suddenly overshadow what he did with Sydney.  It doesn't right the wrong he did with Sydney.

What nerve did Nicole have to expect Sami to forgive her for keeping Sydney away from her?  Nicole was the one who stole Sami's baby, but Nicole blamed Sami for everything.  Nicole was right to let Sami know that she did her own dirt, but Nicole really had a lot of gall threatening Sami as if she were the one who did something to her.

Nicole and Sami gave the audience a showdown with their knockdown drag out fight.  This fight made up for the way Sami let her off the hook when she found out Nicole had her baby.

When Stephanie was going on and on to Adrienne about why she didn't give Nathan Melanie's letter, she had the nerve to blame Melanie for it.  On top of that, she expected Adrienne to understand why she did it.  No one is going to tell her that what she did was right.  she should have given Nathan the letter and let him decide for himself what to do about the letter.

Rafe arrested the guy who helped Anna watch Sydney.  Rafe tried to trick Benny into turning against Anna and whoever Anna worked with to kidnap Sydney.  If we didn't know any better, we would swear that EJ was going to get caught for what he did.  Luckily we do know better so we know that is not going to happen anytime soon.

Speaking of EJ, he practically gave himself away with Nicole.  EJ was a little too upset over what Anna told her.  He practically roughed her up in order to find out if Anna sold him out.  You would think that EJ would have tried to keep his cool around Nicole if he didn't want her to suspect that he's up to something.

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Page updated 6/8/12

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