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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/22/10 3/26/10

What kind of message are the writers sending by having Rafe suggest that Sami doesn't work?  If we didn't know any better, we would swear that it were the 1950s.  It is a good thing that Sami wants to work to support her kids, but Rafe was upset about it as if it were a bad thing.

EJ must have a four-leaf clover in his pocket.  When Lexie overheard Theo telling EJ about Sydney being safe, he was able to convince Lexie that Stefano had something to do with the kidnapping.  If Lexie takes what Theo says seriously, as she said, why didn't she believe EJ had something to do with the kidnapping?  Theo clearly said that EJ was with Sydney, but she still thought Stefano was involved.

How many times are Rafe and Sami going to break up?  They broke up again this week because he wouldn't help her get a job.  They started fighting which led to them breaking up.  They need to decide one way or the other if they are going to stay together.

Anna finally picked something up from being a DiMera.  She drugged Governor Ford's drink and handcuffed him to his bed.  When he woke up, she took pictures of him since he's married, she threatened to send the pictures to his wife.  It's about time she did something smart in this storyline.

Justin needs to take a hint.  Hope told him once before that she wasn't interested in him in a romantic way, but he still held out hope for a relationship.  This week, Hope told him that they will never have a relationship.  He needs to get the message that nothing is going happen between them.  With that said, we think she's going to eventually have feelings for him.  Just when Justin is ready to move on, she will fall for him.

Rafe was suspicious of how Nicole was pardoned so fast.  He was at the prison when she got the news.  Nicole called him there because she wanted to tell him who kidnapped Sydney.  She conveniently got her get-out-of-jail-free card just before she told him who really took Sydney.  Once she got the call, she had to come up with a name for who took Sydney.  She ended up fingering Kate.  Rafe told her that Kate was clean, but she didn't care.

It was amazing how Nicole was able to fly to Santo Domingo.  She just got out of prison and it was not likely that she would have had money to get a plane ticket.

Bo wanted to kill Vivian in order to protect Carly and Melanie.  He let Victor know what he was planning to do.  Victor wanted Bo to think about his family before doing something he might regret.  Bo wanted Victor to do something or else he would.  We can't believe that Bo is willing to go to prison in order to help Carly.  Carly is certainly not worth going to prison.

Victor really thinks he's a catch.  He offered to marry Vivian if she dropped her vendetta against Carly.  He didn't want Bo to go to prison and he didn't want Vivian to die.  Vivian had to think about it because it's too tempting to get Carly.  We think that Victor really wanted to marry Vivian and just used this as an opportunity to get her to marry him.

What were the odds that the pearls Brady gave Arianna broke?  We know before Arianna was told that her marriage would be doomed if the pearls broke.  A situation like this happened on Passions.  For those who don't know, Arianna played Theresa and Brady played Ethan.  There was a superstition that if a noodle that a couple ate together broke, your relationship is doomed.

Rafe put two and two together and figured out that Nicole blackmailed her.  Rafe proved again that he's the only one with the Salem brain.  Hopefully it won't take him long to figure out that EJ was behind Sydney's kidnapping.

Who knew that Will could actually have a brain?  He figured out that Kate and Stefano used him in order to see Sydney.  Kate tried to explain that she wanted to see him any way, but Will didn't buy it.  He still thought she used him.

Does Arianna want Nicole to steal Brady from her?  That seems to be what she wants since she put off marrying Brady.  All she did was give Nicole enough time to get him back.

Chad was smart enough to break up with Mia.  He found out (through Gabi) that Will broke up with Mia instead of the other way around the way Mia claimed.  She was desperate enough to use Grace as a way to keep Chad from leaving her.  It didn't work because he left her any way.

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Page updated 6/8/12

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