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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/15/10 3/19/10

Was Carly really the person to think the worst in Hope?  She told Bo that she didn't think Hope would want to get Melanie to tell the truth.  Considering Carly is a home wrecker, she was not the person to judge her.

Max decided to go home for a visit.  He had a conference to go to so he couldn't stay long.  If he were able to come home now, why didn't he come home for Melanie's wedding? Melanie's wedding was a couple of days ago Salem time so he should have been able to make the wedding.

The writers could have stabbed knives in our hearts and it would have hurt less than hearing Bo tell Carly that people outgrow each other when he was talking about Hope.  The writers are really making it hard to stay hopeful that Bo and Hope will reunite.

Did Bo really think that Philip would think Carly was a saint just because he told him that Carly was buried alive?  Carly still shot Melanie no matter what Vivian did to her.  Unlike Bo lately, Philip actually wants to stand by Melanie's side.

Hope is a good woman.  She tried to convince Carly not to go to prison in order to protect Melanie.  She wouldn't have to deal with Carly if she pled guilty.  Instead, she put Carly's feelings first.

Nathan was right when he told Stephanie that it was not her call to get rid of his letter from Melanie.  She should have given him the letter and let him decide what to do about Melanie.  She has been so smug about what she did about the letter that she got what she deserved.  

It is time for the writers to get some interesting teens on the show.  Will, Mia, Gabi, and Chad are very boring.  We could care less about the trials and tribulations going on with this set.  How many times is Mia going to use Will to make Chad jealous?  It is getting old.  If that wasn't enough, she agreed to go out with Chad.  There was a catch: he couldn't tell anyone that they were going out.  Chad was willing to go along with that plan.  He was better off staying with Gabi.

Nicole was able to see through Anna.  She realized that Anna took Sydney in order to get revenge on her for not helping Tony.  Anna tried to play it off as if Nicole were wrong, but it didn't work.  Since Nicole was able to get Anna to visit her based on a phone call, Nicole knew she was right.

Kate will stop at nothing to get what she wants.  This week, Kate used her grandson in order to get Stefano to see Sydney.  It's a shame that she didn't want to see Will for him.

What was the point of Melanie helping Carly at her trial if she weren't still going to give her the cold shoulder?  She could have stayed away and let Carly go to prison.  We are not fans of Carly, but Melanie wasn't right to rip her a new one.

Anna is really easy to trick.  Nicole didn't show Anna any proof that she kidnapped Sydney, yet she's tap dancing for Nicole.  Nicole wanted her to use her influence on the governor to get him to release her from prison.  Anna didn't have to agree to do that since Nicole can't prove that she kidnapped Sydney.

Philip made arrangements for he and Melanie to stay with Maggie in order to help her out.  That was nice of Philip to want to do that for Maggie especially since her own grandson (who is a doctor) didn't notice that something is wrong with her.

EJ got the shock of his life when Theo told him he knew his secret.  Johnny told Theo that Sydney was safe with him all along.  EJ's eyes could have been as big as half-dollars when Theo told him that bombshell.  It's too bad Johnny didn't tell Sami what EJ did.  It didn't do any good for Theo to know the truth.

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Page updated 6/8/12

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