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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/8/10 3/12/10

EJ should have been better prepared for the inevitable questions he was going to be asked about Sydney being alive.  Sami was going to be happy and not care about where she was, but Rafe was going to want to know where he found her.

It was a surprise to see Carly stand up to Nathan.  When Nathan yelled at her for shooting Melanie, she told him off for being in their business.  She needs to do that for everyone and stop being a helpless victim to everyone (except for Vivian and Victor) yelling at her.  She would be more bearable if she grew a spine.

Daniel and Melanie were ready to accept each other as father and daughter.  They suddenly felt a connection to each other.  We wish we could have seen the look on Carly's face when they were willing to have a relationship with each other.

What happened to Sami's nonchalant attitude about keeping the ransom note from Rafe?  When EJ convinced her to lie to Rafe, she said she and Rafe weren't meant to be if he didn't understand that she had to lie to get her daughter back.  Now that Rafe knows she lied about the note, she had a different attitude.  

What was Stephanie trying to prove when she told Caroline and Lexie about what she did to Melanie?  She didn't care that she destroyed Melanie's letter to Nathan so it shouldn't have mattered to her what Caroline and Lexie thought about what she did. She was just looking for someone to be okay with what she did.

Sami has a lot of nerve expecting Rafe to forgive her for breaking her promise and lying to him again.  She would never forgive Rafe if he lied to her.

EJ really makes us want to hit him.  When Stefano was happy over Sydney being alive, EJ had to ruin the moment by telling him that he doesn't want him anywhere near his daughter.  It wouldn't have killed EJ to let Stefano hold Sydney.  EJ makes it that much easier to want to see him get EJ.

Stephanie has changed into a witch.  That's not really saying much since she was one anyway, but for argument's sake, let's say she's changed.  When Melanie confronted Stephanie about not giving Nathan her letter, Stephanie practically bragged about it.  Then she all but told Melanie that she could care less about her.  We don't care for Melanie, but Stephanie is worse than Melanie.  As refreshing as it is to see someone not like Melanie, it doesn't do any good for it to be someone who is worse than she is.

Nicole said something very cryptic.  She told another prisoner that she was more of a DiMera than they know.  That sounded so strange.  Is it possible that she's a DiMera by blood?  That would be incest (EJ/Nicole), but there is a twist to this story and this could be it.

How many times does Anna have to tell EJ that he loves Sami?  we think we got the message the first 20 times she said it.  Do the writers think the audience will forget what he did to Sami just because she keeps telling us that he loves her?

Victor's reaction to Daniel being Melanie's father was hilarious.  He kept making fun of Carly and we loved it.  The writers give Victor very funny dialogue that only John Anniston can pull off.

Sami was very quick to pass Sydney off to Caroline.  You would think that she would have wanted to spend Sydney's first day back home with her.

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Page updated 6/8/12

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