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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/1/10 – 3/5/10

If Sami wanted to get rid of Rafe so she and EJ could talk about keeping Rafe in the dark about the new ransom note, she should have come up with a better lie than her grandmother being sick and the twins would take advantage of her.  If Caroline were really sick, Sami would have checked on her or she would have had someone else watching the twins.  If she's such a good liar as EJ said she was, she should have had a better excuse than that.

Maggie has selective loyalty.  She was upset with Carly because she shot Melanie, but she was ready to give her the key to the city after she slept with her niece's husband.  Maggie should have been upset with Carly for what she did to Hope since she's related to her, yet she was upset with her for what she did to Melanie.

The writers must hate women who give their babies up for adoption.  Last week, Chloe judged Carly for giving Melanie up and this week Maggie did the same thing.  If it weren't for people like Carly, Maggie wouldn't have her children.  For those who don't know, Maggie adopted both of her children.

Daniel ripped into Carly again.  She tried to play the "Lawrence would have killed you and Melanie if you knew" card, but it didn't work. He was still upset with her for not telling him about Melanie.  When her excuses didn't work she tried to whip up a few tears.  That plan was just as bad as her excuses.  We cay that we feel sorry for Carly because she asked for this to happen when she kept him in the dark about his daughter.

Maybe it was just us, but Roman wasn't acting like a person who just lost his grandchild.  When he was talking to Brady about Sydney he acted as if they were talking about the weather.  You would think he would have been sad or something.

Mia resorted to scheming again to keep Chad and Gabi apart.  She wanted Chad's help to cheer up Will.  She didn't want Gabi involved in cheering up Will.  Mia has really changed since she was shown.  She must think she can have Will and Chad while Gabi is supposed to be alone.

The writers must not know what to do with Brady and Arianna that they have to shove Nicole in between them.  Brady didn't have to be the one to tell Nicole about Sydney.  Chloe could have told her.  Having Brady tell Nicole about Sydney was just a way to force problems between he and Arianna.

If Stephanie was so insecure about Nathan's feelings for her, why did she sleep with him?  She wasn't worried about her insecurities when she was rolling around in bed with him.

You would think Sami would have learned her lesson from when she kept Rafe in the dark about the ransom note.  She could have sworn Rafe to secrecy and told him.  She knows that is what came between them before so why risk that again?  She was also a little too willing to let him go if he didn't understand why she lied to him.

Carly opened her mouth once again and told Chloe that Daniel is Melanie's daughter.  Carly and Chloe were having an argument about two different things when the truth came out.  Chloe thought they were arguing over Carly getting Daniel in trouble with the hospital board and Carly though they were arguing because she knew the truth about Melanie.  The look on Chloe's face was priceless when Carly told her that Daniel is Melanie's father.

Why is everyone treating Vivian as if she were the one who shot Melanie?  Daniel practically attacked Vivian for trying to kill Melanie as if she did anything.  Carly is practically given the key to Salem when she was the one who almost killed Salem's best citizen. LOL!

Carly was full of it when she told Bo she would plead guilty for shooting Melanie.  If she really wanted to do that, she would have pled guilty without telling Bo.  She should have known that Bo would have stopped her from pleading guilty.

Why did Melanie care if Nathan and Stephanie had a good time skiing?  Melanie is a married woman so why did it matter if Nathan and Stephanie were together?  Melanie must have been hanging around Mia too much and think she can have Philip and Nathan.

We were too through when Melanie told Stephanie that Stephanie didn't waste two minutes after her wedding before she hooked up with Nathan.  Considering Melanie just married Stephanie's ex-fiancé, Melanie was no one to judge Stephanie.  If anything, Stephanie had more of a reason to be upset than Melanie.

How old is Melanie?  It wasn't that long ago when she wasn't old enough to drink (last year) yet now she's over 20.  You would think that the writers would get everything right about her since they love her so much.

What made Bo think that Melanie was going to let Carly go free?  She has made it perfectly clear that she doesn't like Carly so nothing he could say will make her change her mind.  He wanted her to help Carly in court, but she refused to help her.

We are sick of Carly's "poor me" act.  Every bad thing she's going through is her own doing.  If she told the truth about Melanie, she wouldn't be in the mess she's in now.  She can save her act because she's not the victim she thinks she is.

People are always dragging their feet when they have to reveal something.  Daniel was no different.  He took the majority of an episode to tell Melanie he is her father.  He took so long that we didn't get to see her reaction.  We don't even get to find out if she was upset until next week.  The writers sure know how to keep the audience waiting and we love it.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/8/12

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