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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/22/10 2/26/10

If we're supposed to believe that Victor cares so much about his family, why did he insult Bo when he was talking to Daniel?  That doesn't sound like someone who cares about his son.

Did we miss something with Philip and Melanie?  He told Vivian that Melanie was the love of his life.  When did that happen?

Anna is no one to judge EJ for what he's doing to Sami.  She could have sold him out anytime she wanted to, but she chose to go along with his plan.  The writers must think that Anna is the good one in the story just because she's telling him that he's wrong to make Sami think that Sydney is dead.  We could have told him that he was wrong to do that.  She's not doing anything to help Sami and Sydney so her speech was useless.

Victor had Bo's number when Bo practically accused him of helping Vivian.  Victor reminded Bo that Melanie was fighting for her life because Carly shot her.  Bo was going to do anything he could to blame Victor and Vivian, but Victor wasn't having it.  There was nothing Bo could do when Victor reminded him of Carly's wrongdoings.  Bo can sweep Carly's actions under the rug all he wants, but that doesn't change what she did.

Arianna showed that she was a good sister to Rafe.  When EJ blamed Rafe for Sydney's death, she defended Rafe.  She also reminded Brady that Sami wouldn't know about Sydney if it weren't for him.  She also reminded Brady that Sami isn't the only one who is suffering from Sydney's "death".  We were thinking the same things.

Why are the writers so focused on Mia's feelings whenever something happens?  Melanie couldn't get shot without Chad and Gabi wondering how she felt.  Who cares how Mia feels?  Everything doesn't have to always be about Mia.  Mia isn't related to Melanie so Chad and Gabi didn't have to go to her.

Melanie must have had selective pain from being shot.  One minute she was screaming like a banshee because of the pain when Carly first spoke to her and the next she was screaming without any pain.  She must have selective pain.

Carly must have thought a lot about herself if she thought that Melanie would roll out the welcome mat for her when she told her that she's her daughter.  Melanie reacted the way most people would have reacted.  Melanie wasn't going to believe her.  We know Carly wanted a perfect family reunion, but that is not what she got.

How many times does Rafe have to be ripped a new one by Sami before he leaves for her good?  All Rafe wanted to do was make sure Sydney was dead before she was declared dead, but Sami went off on him.  She kicked him out of the house because he wasn't grieving enough in her eyes.  Rafe can never do anything right in her eyes.

Why do the writers continue to torture Bo and Hope fans?  Bo and Hope had a tender moment when they were talking about Sydney's "death" and it had to be ruined because of Carly.  Do the writers get a kick out of Bo and Hope fans getting their hopes up for nothing?  It certainly feels that way.

Rafe and Stefano gave powerful performances when they cried over Sydney's "death".  We don't usually see Stefano or Rafe for that matter in such vulnerable positions.  We felt sorry for them having to grieve for nothing.

The writers remembered that Anna wasn't a doting mother to Carrie.  Anna judging EJ for what he's doing to Sami was the perfect time to bring up the kind of mother she was to Carrie.  We weren't watching the show when Anna wasn't there for Carrie, but we did read about the kind of mother Anna was to Carrie.

Carly should have made sure she had documented proof that she was Melanie's mother.  Melanie kept telling Carly that she didn't believe that she is her mother.  No offense to Melanie's fans, but she is not that great of a person that Carly would have to lie about being her mother.

Every time we hear EJ throwing up in Stefano's face that he kept him in the dark about Sydney, we are ready to throw something.  EJ is the same person who is willing to let Sami think that Sydney is dead.  Is he really one to point fingers at Stefano?

EJ should have known better than to walk in Sami's room without knocking.  He wouldn't have found Sami and Rafe together if he didn't barge in on her.

Chloe must have forgotten how Nancy gave her up for adoption when she was a baby.  She was reading Daniel the riot act about Carly giving Melanie up for adoption.  She was really high and mighty about Carly giving Melanie up for adoption.  She even went so far as to say "what kind of woman gives their baby up for adoption?"  did she feel this strongly about that when Nancy gave her up?

Daniel really ripped into Carly for not telling him about Melanie being his daughter.  He was right to be upset with her for keeping him in the dark about Melanie.  She called herself trying to defend her actions by blaming Lawrence, but it didn't work.  He still felt that she had plenty of chances to tell him they had a baby, but she kept putting it on Lawrence.  She should have taken responsibility for her actions.

Cheers to Stefano!  He was willing to let Rafe bring EJ down.  Stefano was sick of EJ treating him the way he has been treating him so he wants Rafe to bring him down.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/8/12

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