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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/8/10 2/12/10

Why was Melanie grilling Nathan about why she shouldn't marry Philip?  If she loved Philip, she didn't need to know why she shouldn't marry him.

We should have known that Anna would have backed down when she tried to threaten EJ when he wanted her to leave town.  She could tell someone that EJ made her kidnap Sydney and he would go to jail.

Carly only has herself to blame that Kate was suspicious of her relationship with Melanie.  She shouldn't have been around Melanie so much and maybe no one would be suspicious.

Are we the only ones who are sick to death of the writers shoving Nathan and Melanie's relationship down our throats?  We are not buying that they had this great love and that they are the next supercouple.  They don't even have any chemistry so we don't think they are a great couple.

Wasn't it convenient how Carly fell on the ground and got knocked out when she was about to tell Melanie about Vivian?  Carly should have worn boots instead of the high heels she was wearing.

Victor had us cracking up when he saw Carly on the ground.  Carly was unconscious and Victor got his paper and went back into the mansion.  At least he was kind enough to have Henderson call an ambulance for her.

We were cheering for Abe when he told Hope to fight for her marriage.  She doesn't have to let Carly steal Bo away from her.

Why would Kate want Stefano to be at Philip's wedding?  He didn't want anything to do with her because she married Stefano so why would he want him at the wedding?

How many times do we have to keep seeing Vivian's flashback of killing Melanie?  We have seen it so many times that we are losing count.

Is Hope renting the Salem brain now?  She actually figured out that Melanie is Carly's daughter.  Maybe Hope will actually do something besides investigate Carly's secret.

We don't feel sorry for Melanie because she was marrying a rich man who loves her.  She pursued Philip so much when she showed up in Salem, but now she's so in love with Nathan.  Give us a break!  Marrying Philip is not a hard decision to make.

Stephanie is so pathetic.  She had to keep the note Melanie wrote from Nathan.  She has to resort to keeping notes from Nathan just to hold on to him.  Guess she can't handle the idea that there's a man in Salem who doesn't want her.

Lexie didn't have to be so rude to Stefano.  He just wanted to spend some time with her, but she was so cold about it.  She is no saint so she shouldn't keep treating Stefano so badly.

Why is Hope back on the force?  She can never make an arrest without the perp getting away from her.  Vivian managed to get away from Hope because Gus knocked some boxes on her and Carly.  Maybe Hope should go back to the police academy so she can learn how to make an arrest without the criminal getting away.

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Page updated 6/8/12

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