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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/1/10 2/5/10

Leave it to Stephanie to talk to Justin when she has relationship problems.  She hadn't said two words to him since he's been back in Salem until she needed advice.

It's pretty disturbing to see Carly carrying on at Bo's house as if she and Bo are a couple.  Did she forget that Bo is married?  Right, if she can kill her husband in cold blood, she has no problem going after someone else's husband.

Bo can't catch a break at all.  He even has to deal with his mother coming down on him about being with Carly.  You would think that she would give him some support instead of taking Hope's side.

Caroline had a lot of nerve criticizing Bo for what he's doing to Hope and Ciara.  She cheated on Shawn with Victor so she had no right to judge Bo.  Also, she wasn't willing to see how Hope was the one who broke up her family first. She just cared that Bo was breaking up his family by being with Carly.

Mia is really becoming a scandalous little twit.  She went behind Chad's back and made sure that he couldn't go to Vancouver with his friends and Gabi.  She had the nerve to judge Nicole for what she's done, but she is getting just as bad as Nicole is now.

Why would Hope assume that Bo was the father of Carly's child when she wasn't in Salem for a long time?  Also, when she left town, she left with Lawrence so the baby wouldn't have been have been Bo's baby.

Bo was right to let Carly know that she was being careless with Melanie.  She doesn't know who is working for Vivian so she should stop going out of her way to be around Melanie.

Are we really supposed to believe that Melanie is so great that Nathan would risk someone's life by thinking of her?  Nathan made a mistake in the operating room because he was thinking about Melanie.  Give us a break! She is not the wonderful person that we're expected to believe she is.

Hope only has herself to blame for why Ciara has started to act out.  She should have been willing to work things out with Bo sooner and now Ciara has acted out by cutting up Carly's clothes.

What right does Hope have to threaten to not allow Bo to see Ciara anymore?  He has a right to see Ciara too.  She is not just Hope's daughter so Bo has rights too.

Hope is obviously jealous of Bo being with Carly and that was probably why she wants sole custody of Ciara.  She wasn't worried about keeping Ciara away from Bo before she found out that Carly was supposed to move back in with him.

Rafe is obviously the only one in Salem who uses his brain.  He was starting to get suspicious of Anna and he wanted to investigate her.  It's too bad more people in Salem aren't smart like Rafe.

Luckily, EJ's plan to break up Rafe and Sami didn't work.  They seem to be working their way back to each other.  EJ can't get everything he wants so at least that part of his plan blew up in his face.

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Page updated 6/7/12

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