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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/25/10 1/29/10

Is Roman a rookie?  Why would he talk to Arianna about the drug case while Troy was at the police station?  That was how Troy put two and two together and realized that Arianna is a narc.

Roman should have realized that EJ is the head of the drug cartel.  Troy looked at EJ when he said that Arianna is a narc.  Why would Troy tell EJ if he weren't working for him?

It was about time that Maggie let Mia know about her attitude.  Mia tried to throw Carly out of Maggie's house, but Maggie reminded Mia about whose house it was so she couldn't throw anyone out of it.

We don't understand Mia's attitude towards Carly.  Carly hasn't done anything to Mia, but she is so mean.

Bo did the right thing by reminding Hope that she was the one who ended their marriage.  We are so sick of the writers trying to write the story in a way that always has Hope being the victim and Bo is the  monster.  Hope's actions caused the destruction of their marriage, but she is never the one who is wrong.  It's always Bo who ends up being wrong.  We aren't buying that at all.  There are no victims in their situation.

We are so sick of hearing EJ rip into Stefano as if he walks the straight and narrow.  Stefano is the reason why he was raising Sydney so he shouldn't be too upset with him.  EJ has kidnapped his daughter so he is no better than Stefano.

Sami got what she deserved when Rafe threw it up in her face that he wasn't Sydney's father.  Sami shouldn't have said that he wasn't if she didn't want him to remind her that she said that to him.

We were cheering Justin on when he told Carly off about stealing Bo away from Hope.  He was a hypocrite because he wants Hope too, but he was right to read her the riot act.

Sami said that she barely remembered Sydney.  Did she forget that Nicole and Sydney were staying at the townhouse with her not too long ago?

It doesn't say much for Stephanie that Nathan gets jumpy whenever he hears Melanie's name.  That is not a good sign for her.

Sami certainly forgot about what Rafe has done for her now that she wants to blame him for everything that happened.  Sami wouldn't even know the truth about Sydney if it weren't for Rafe.

EJ didn't care that Sydney was talking to him.  He seemed more interested in looking at his nails than listening to his daughter.  He is definitely father of the year, isn't he?  Dripping with sarcasm.

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Page updated 6/7/12

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